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Why Mohammad Amir is failing in death overs?

    Why Mohammad Amir is failing in dead overs?Why Mohammad Amir is failing in death overs?

The death overs could be deadly for the bowler or the batsman if not utilize perfectly. The bowler is supposed to concede limited runs and pick up two or more wickets in the last few overs. On the other hand, a team expects a pile of boundaries from the batsmen on the pitch playing the dead overs.

As the HBL PSL 6 commences, we have seen that some teams fail to score in the death overs whereas, a few smash runs costing the bowlers.

The last encounter that took place between the Karachi Kings and Lahore Qalandars has costed Mohammad Amir. The paceman showed his skills in the powerplay overs but conceded many boundaries and extra runs by the termination.

The game could have ended in Kings’ inclination but Amir’s poor bowling and delivering with no variation and fewer bouncers, yorkers, turned the tables in Qalandars’ favor.

Why Mohammad Amir is failing in death overs?

Other than this, we have seen Amir flopping the death overs. When a bowler is bowling by the end of the inning, he is supposed to give full-length bowls, yorkers, or full toss crushing the toe of the striker. This is the reason Jasprit Bumrah is the world’s best bowler at death currently.

The short-pitched balls, however, have supported batsmen in the ongoing PSL during mid-overs but have not turned out to be productive for the bowlers. The bowl comes directly on the bat and runs are scored consistently.

The scenario is different in the 16th-20th over. Since the beginning of 2020, Amir has failed to deliver success at the end of the opponents’ innings.

Throwing balls in 15.4 overs, the pacer has conceded 199 runs grabbing only one wicket – this is not what a team expects from a bowler by the end. The pace variation is needed hence, no spinner is given the last over.

Why Mohammad Amir is failing in death overs?

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