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Mohammad Amir names top three favorite bowlers and batters

arrogant mohammad amir

In a recent Q&A session on his YouTube channel, former Pakistan cricketer Mohammad Amir disclosed his current favorite batters and bowlers. Expressing his admiration, Amir revealed that Virat Kohli and Babar Azam are his top choices in Tests and ODIs, with Shubman Gill being his pick as the next rising star for India in the future, provided he maintains his current form.

“Virat [Kohli], Babar is my favourite apart from T20s. He is my favourite in Tests and ODIs. Finally, Shubman Gill, as I feel he will be the next big thing for India in future, if he maintain his current form,” Amir said.

Shifting the focus to bowlers, Amir hailed New Zealand’s Trent Boult as his number one selection. Acknowledging Boult’s versatility across all formats, Amir also mentioned Naseem Shah as a complete bowler and included Australian pacer Mitchell Starc as his third favorite in the bowling department.

 “[Trent] Boult, he is number one for me, then Naseem Shah. These are bowlers, who I feel are complete bowlers and can play all formats. And third would be Mitchell Starc,” he added.

During the session, Amir shared that his favorite coach is Mickey Arthur, whom he had the opportunity to work with during Arthur’s tenure as the head coach of the Pakistan national team. Amir credited Arthur for his coaching style and the positive impact he had on his career.

Looking ahead to the upcoming 2023 World Cup in India, Amir expressed his belief that Pakistan would secure a place among the top four teams. He urged against underestimating Pakistan, particularly in Asian conditions, and even predicted the possibility of an India-Pakistan final in the mega event.

Amir’s insights offer a unique perspective from his experiences in the cricketing world. With his favorites among batters and bowlers, along with his optimism for Pakistan’s performance in the World Cup, cricket fans can look forward to exciting clashes and exceptional performances in the near future.

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