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Mohammad Amir reveals the detailed reason behind his retirement


Mohammad Amir and his retirement have taken up on social media. His controversial facts have been trendy that he is revealing about the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Discussing inner hostile environment, torchers, racism, and the bossy culture along with interrelated factors, the bowler added that he cannot cope with the ‘yes boss’ culture of the PCB.

Further revealing, he added that the players need to be respected and the current management keeps on pressurizing them. According to him, the bossy culture in Pakistan Cricket should be ended as he could not survive during the present management.

Mohammad Amir reveals the detailed reason behind his retirement

“I have reservations with the current team’s management that want to pressurize players. This ‘yes boss, yes boss’ (culture) cannot be allowed to go on,” he said.

“Give respect, take respect. In today’s world, everyone wants to be treated with respect. This boss culture has to end from cricket,” Amir added.

“The current team management is putting people under the impression that I quit Test cricket because I wanted to play for different leagues and not the country,” Amir said.

Amir used the example of Haris Rauf to clear his point. He said Rauf was selected on behalf of his BBL performance. He meant to point out his performance for Galle Gladiators as he and his team ended as runner-ups. The retired bowler was disappointed for not being selected in the squad against New Zealand.

“How did Haris Rauf get into the national team? He performed in The Big Bash League against the top players of the team and hence was selected for the national team,” Mohammad Amir said.

Bidding farewell to cricket must have been hard for him. He revealed that saying goodbye was tough to his favorite activity to wind up the video.

“Cricket means everything to me so leaving it was a very difficult decision,” Amir concluded.

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1 Comment

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