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Moin Khan Backs Sacked Brother, Calls for Accountability in PCB

Moin Khan Backs Sacked Brother, Calls for Accountability in PCB

  • Moin Khan supports sacked brother Nadeem Khan in a video message.
  • Calls for accountability and identification of corrupt individuals in the PCB.
  • Highlights issue of lobbies working against Karachi players.

Former Pakistani Test cricketer Moin Khan has come out in support of his elder brother Nadeem Khan, who was recently sacked by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) from his post in the women’s wing. Nadeem had previously been removed from his position as director of domestic cricket after the management committee led by Najam Sethi took charge of PCB last December.

In a video message, Moin Khan emphasized the importance of accountability in the PCB and took a dig at those around the management committee chairman. “Nadeem worked with honesty for Pakistan’s domestic cricket, and his work has been recognized at every level,” he said. “I am confident that he will make himself available for Pakistan in the future.”

Moin also called on Najam Sethi to identify corrupt and dishonest people within the PCB and develop a strong system to run the board fluently. “If I start speaking, a lot of people will be in trouble,” he added.

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The former wicketkeeper batter also highlighted the issue of lobbies working against Karachi players, saying that it happens in every tenure. “People come up with proof that how lobbies work against Karachi players,” he concluded.

Moin Khan’s statements have brought attention to the issue of accountability and transparency in the PCB, and the need to address the concerns of players from all regions of the country. It remains to be seen if the PCB will take any action in response to Moin’s comments.

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