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Provided more security to New Zealand than their country’s forces, Sheikh Rasheed

More security than their army gives, Sheikh Rasheed

Sheikh Rasheed, who is the minister of interior of Pakistan, says that the green shirts’ nation provided a way more secure environment to the New Zealanders than their own country forces can provide to them.

His statement came in the enlightenment of NZ tour cancellation (unitarily) quoting security threats that New Zealand Cricket (NZC) cited after receiving messages from a third-party, unknown source.

Till the last moment, Pakistan was unaware of the circumstances but a sudden call from the Kiwis Prime Minister ended up things upside down with no clarification over what actually forced them to do this.

We gave more security to New Zealand than their coutnry’s forces give to them, Sheikh Rasheed

“We gave more security to New Zealand than their country’s overall forces,”

Rasheed also said that Pakistan is ready to host England after whatever NZC and its government have done to the cricket-loving. Notably, there were no security threats as players felt safe and secure till the last day. The safety can be assured from their own social media posting. It is heard that NZC is unready to tell ‘from where’ they received threatening messages.

Moreover, Pakistan itself was assured of a secure environment and got no threats at all. The first game of the NZ tour was set to kick-start but the last-minute withdrawal has disrupted Pakistan’s image built-in years badly.

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