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Most catches as fielder by player from each country

catches, fielder

“Catches win matches” they say, and they are right. As much as scoring runs and taking wickets are important, fielding becomes, in fact, more, important when it comes to cricket.

Today, we will be looking at the countries’ top fielders who have taken most catches for their sides in combined Tests, ODIs and T20Is. We will also be looking at their “catches/innings” or “cat/inn” ratio, which indicates how many times they take a catch in an innings.

Note: The (*) symbol will indicate that the player is still active in cricket. 

1. Mahela Jayawardene (Sri Lanka) – 440

Mahela Jayawardene leads the chart overall. His partnership with off-spinning legend Muttiah Muralitharan has been phenomenal. He usually stands in slip positions, where he has taken the majority of catches in Test cricket. His cat/inn ratio read 0.572.

2. Ricky Ponting (Australia) – 364

Ricky Ponting is another player who has spent most of his time in slip position. He is placed second in the most catches in a career.  An excellent leader, he has spent most of his time guiding his bowlers. His cat/inn ratio is 0.507.

3. Ross Taylor (New Zealand) – 340

ross taylor stretching to catch

Ross Taylor is New Zealand’s finest fielder and even comes at third overall in the list. He has been placed in various positions, notably in slip position as well. His cat/inn ratio is 0.643.

4. Jacque Kallis (South Africa) – 338

There was a saying that if Jacque Kallis does not get you with his batting and bowling, then he will definitely will get you with his fielding. He has been one of the best South African fielder, though no one came come close to Jonty Rhodes. Fourth overall in the list, his cat/inn ratio reads 0.509.

5. Rahul Dravid (India) – 334

Fifth overall in the list is India’s leading fielder. Rahul Dravid is known as “the Wall” because of his highly defensive batting. But he can also be known as the “Wall of fielding.”, taking 334 catches. His cat/inn ratio is 0.584.

6. Brian Lara (West Indies) – 284

Brian Lara is West Indies’ leading fielder with his 284. People would be surprised to see his name here. But he was an excellent fielder himself. His cat/inn ratio reads 0.528.

7. Younis Khan (Pakistan) – 281

Perhaps of the finest slip fielders in Test cricket, Younis Khan is Pakistan’s leading fielder. He is mostly known for his slip fielding, taking some sharp catches along the way. His cat/inn ratio reads 0.588.

8. Joe Root (England) – 225*

joe root in world cup 2019

Surprisingly, no England fielders have taken more than 300 catches despite playing the most number of international cricket. Current captain Joe Root is England’s leader in fielding. His cat/inn ratio is 0.611.

9. Alastair Campbell (Zimbabwe) – 134

Zimbabwe’s Alastair Campbell is their leading fielder with joint 134 with Bangladesh’s Mahmadullah. He was a good fielder himself, taking some good catches in his career. His cat/inn ratio is 0.460.

– Mahmadullah Riyad (Bangladesh) – 134*

mahmadullah catching

The joint number nine in the list is Mahmadullah, Bangladesh’s leading fielder in cricket. Though he is still an active cricketer and will no doubt will pass Alastair Campbell. His cat/inn ratio reads 0.372.

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