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Happy fans over MS Dhoni’s inclusion in WT20 as mentor

Happy fans over MS Dhoni's inclusion in WT20 as mentor

The Board of Control of Cricket India (BCCI) announced India T20 World Cup 2021 squad yesterday alongside MS Dhoni’s inclusion in the crew as a team mentor.

The world’s cash richest board believes that inducing Dhoni to the event will surely enhance chaps’ experience following Dhoni’s greatest venture in the fraternity.

Notably, this is going to be India’s first-ever T20 World Cup without Dhoni. The captain cool is the only successful skipper in world’s cricket history winning all ICC trophies for his team.

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BCCI adds Dhoni as a mentor to India T20 World Cup crew:

Undoubtedly, adding him to the mentor panel adds a plus point to India T20 World Cup squad and no one can be more cheerful than the Indian fans in the sport realm.

Dhoni, who bid sudden farewell to India cricket without a farwell game, saddened the entire cricket world. His comeback is now acting as cheerful episode currently. Here are the fans reaction over MS Dhoni’s inclusion on WT20 as a mentor.

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