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My inning as a cricketer is ‘almost’ over, says Shahid Afridi

My inning as cricketer is 'almost' over, says Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi, the former Pakistani cricketer, has admitted that he will not be able to carry on his cricketing career as a player for a long from now due to his rising age. The 44-year old, who joined Pakistan Cricket back in 1996, is currently a crucial part of various T20, cricket tournaments across the globe.

Recently, he indirectly hinted that the seventh edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) may be the last one for him saying that he will like to play his last PSL for Quetta Gladiators. Lately, the news popped up that QG’s owner, Nadeem Omar and Afridi are in conversation as the Purple Force is set to embrace Pakistan’s legacy for PSL 2022.

He says despite his busy schedule with his foundation, Shahid Afridi Foundation, he does not feel physically well. Furthermore, Afridi added that he is still cricket’s part because of the huge desires of the devotees. Undeniably, he has gathered a vast fan line-up over the years.

“I am busy with my foundation work. Also, I have been observing my body. It is not supporting me anymore. I have carried on playing for so long because of the love and wishes of the fans.”

I am playing cricket because of fans: Shahid Afridi

“It was their messages of support on Twitter, Facebook and Insta that kept me going. But I feel that my innings as a cricketer are almost over now. The second innings is a big one. So hopefully that wouldn’t end soon. This country has given me a lot and it is now my turn to give back to Pakistan.”

He feels it is time to repay the country that has served him the most. Seeking his ambition in the same field, Boom Boom is on the verge of being the coach for the youngsters. He may start his coaching journey with U16, or U14 teams.

“It will be an honour for me to be available for Pakistan in any form… Given a chance, I would like to work with U-14, U-16 teams as a coach.”

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