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Najam Sethi’s new photo goes viral with Nawaz Shareef

The picture of the former chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Najam Sethi, has gone viral on social media with the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Nawaz Shareef. The followers believe the photo heavily signs at something, probably sacking Ramiz Raja from his role and bringing a new chairman sooner.

After the PMLN dismissed the PTI government as a result of the No-Confidence Motion, there were reports that Imran Khan-chosen Raja might have to bid farewell to the PCB Chairman post. It was heard that PMLN will welcome a new chairman of its choice, and Najam Sethi and Khalid Mehmood were among the preferred candidates.

Najam has earlier acted as PCB Chairman during the PMLN regime and is likely to come back anytime soon. Shakil Shaikh, the former member of the general body of PCB, posted Nawaz’s photo with Najam to which one of the well-known journalists, Shoaib Jatt replied that if the photo is indicating at something.

It must be noted that Ramiz, responding to sacking news, said he will not retire until he gets an order from the government. One of the PMLN officials suggested Ramiz to retire on moral grounds. Moreover, Khalid met Shahbaz on Sunday and it has been heard that he suggested the PM not to remove Ramiz as he is doing pretty fine. However, Khalid told Geo Super if he gets an opportunity to become PCB chairman, he will not blink an eye to accept.

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