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“National Assembly’s Fury Over PCB’s Alleged Betting Company Rehiring

"National Assembly's Fury Over PCB's Alleged Betting Company Rehiring

On Wednesday, members of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) expressed their concerns about the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) decision to rehire an alleged betting company for the series against New Zealand. This move was seen as a breach of the PCB’s assurance given by Management Committee chairman Najam Sethi not to hire the company for future events.

Shahida Rehmani questioned why the PCB had rehired the company after it was removed from the PSL sponsorship. “The PCB must be questioned on this breach,” she said.

Nawab Sher, the chairman of the NA Committee, directed the concerned authorities to take up the matter with the PCB and asked them why the board had rehired the company against their earlier assurance. He said that such an act would bring a bad name to the country and the PCB had promised not to hire the company again. However, they went against their promise and rehired the company involved in betting.

The NA Committee also directed the Ministry for IPC to initiate an inquiry as to why the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalisation Committee (NC) continuously ignored the law of the land. According to the law, it is prerequisite for all federations to get NOC before sending teams abroad, and no such NOC was issued to the NC.

All the members present were furious at the NC’s continuous occupation of the Football House without conducting elections for which they were given the mandate. Rubina Irfan, the MNA from Balochistan, demanded that Haroon Malik and all the NC members be summoned as to why they were reluctant to hold PFF elections. She added that they were paying no heed to all the reminders from the government and the NA Committee.

The NA Committee also called a three-member committee formed by the prime minister on the Pakistan Hockey Federation’s (PHF) affairs. The committee members – Shahnaz Sheikh, Akhtar Rasool, and Islahuddin Siqddiqui – will be called in the next meeting after Eid-ul-Fitr to update the committee on the progress they made to restructure PHF.

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