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Is there any new rule on bouncers in cricket?

Is there any new rule on bouncers in cricket?

Analyzing the ongoing debate over bouncers in cricket, the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) has decided that there is no immediate need to ban the short-pitched deliveries from changing any rule revolving around it. According to the bouncers’ rules in cricket, only two bouncers passing over the head are allowed in an over.

There is no new rule imposed on bouncers in cricket but all the cricket bodies have agreed to existing regulations in regards. The current laws offer protection to the batsman. If any bowler fails to follow the terms and conditions, he will be penalized in different manners including extras to the batting team and suspension.

The MCC feels changing any rule for short-pitched bowlers would change the game. Jamie Cox, the assistant secretary (cricket and operations) of MCC, who is also the former cricketer told Cricbuzz, stated,

“As with any potential change in the laws, the key aspect is to ensure that it is appropriate for all levels of the game. The results of the consultation show that short-pitched bowling, within the Laws, is an important part of the makeup of the sport and in fact, to change it would materially change the game,”

It must be noted that the bouncers have always been the center of debate following the hazardous consequences often credible for concussion-related injuries. Often, the batters are hit on their head. The results can be life-taking if a batter is hit with a deadly bouncer on his head without a helmet. The cricket world already saw such cases, one of which was Philip Hughes’s death.

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