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No extra cup of tea for PCB employees, Ramiz Raja

No extra cup of tea for PCB employees, Ramiz Raja

The newly elected chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Ramiz Raja, met the board’s employees, upper management, lower management, and even ground staff in Imran Khan’s enclosure of the Gadaffi Cricket Stadium, Lahore.

In the meeting, Raja, adhering to the cost-saving strategies, told the employees to reduce their expenses as much as possible. He directly has issued a warning to all to reduce the costs as directed by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Not only the minor expenses, but Raja spoke about the least minor expenses as well. He told employees to drink one cup of tea, turn off the air conditioners as often as possible, and even turn off the lights when not in use.

“We have to cut the expenses of the board. Have one cup of tea instead of two, use the air conditioner less and turn off the lights when you leave your offices,”

He also asked the administration to put their powers in making Pakistan the world number one cricket team, or else, he sees no reason for working and staying with the system.

“If our team does not become the number one team in the world, there is no reason for all of us to stay here. We have to work to justify our presence here,”

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