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Security or politics? NZ cancels Pakistan tour

Security or politics? NZ cancels Pakistan tour

After 18 years of anticipation to welcome New Zealand Cricket Team to Pakistan for the first time, the board (PCB), has been working hard to call off the security and relevant threats. This hard work under pressure was not to witness the disappointing scenes as New Zealand Cricket Board (NZC) has cancelled the Pakistan tour following security threats.

With a much-improved situation seeking a pile of teams touring the men in green’s realm to play international cricket, the situation was looking handy at times welcoming one of the biggest cricket teams, New Zealand.

However, no one could have imagined that despite years of wait, to get international cricket back in Pakistan, the board, the country, the fans, the players, the patriots, will suffer another mega blow following the cancellation of the NZ tour.

New Zealand tour of Pakistan cancelled for ‘visibly’ lame reason:

Not sure if it was security concerns or politics as New Zealand security members voyaged Pakistan to be assured of the circumstances. After everything went clear, the tour was given green signals and no one could have been happier than the green shirts’ cricket devotees.

It must be noted that Pakistan voyaged New Zealand recently despite the Christchurch attack. Pakistan toured New Zealand during Christchurch terrorist attack while they called off a Historic tour of Pakistan due to a mini security threat received from unknown & unauthentic sources to the government of New Zealand.

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