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NZ, England columnists slam their boards for hypocrisy towards Pakistan

NZ, England columnists slam their boards for hypocrisy towards Pakistan

England’s senior journalist George Dobell and New Zealand’s renowned columnist Mark Reason have slammed their respective cricket boards for showing double standards towards Pakistan.

Citing the security threats, that are still not specified from New Zealand Cricket Board (NZC) to Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), the visitors cancelled their entire tour a minute before the first game kick started.

Following their footsteps with no clear evidence, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has also abandoned sending their men and women teams to green shirts’ nation scheduled for limited-over series before the T20 World Cup 2021.

Notably, it was heard that NZC received ‘unclear’ threats from ‘unknown and ‘unreliable’ sources. Perceiving the threats that were unknown to Pakistan, NZC opted out of the tour despite being in Pakistan for five days with no threat at all.

It took more than a decade for Pakistan to rebuild their repute that was lost after Sri Lanka Bus Attack in 2009. With international cricket getting back to its fullest in Pakistan, it was time to embrace some big dons of cricket.

Seeing the shattered hopes and furious fans, Dobell has written on ESPN that, ECB may lose friends with such a hypocrite step. He also reminded that before India Pakistan met in the Champions Trophy 2017, the bus and knife attack happened in England but the teams chose to play rather than quitting.

He also added regarding Jarvo 69 who breached security protocols multiple times. Dobell reckoned that it is a failure of ECB as Jarvo could have a knife or hammer in hand.

Reson, on the other hand, bashing at his board for a big betrayal said that Pakistan has been let down badly by New Zealand Cricket.

And please spare me the “it’s easy to say in hindsight” line. Good governance and good administration are about anticipating the obvious and having contingency plans that don’t leave a whole country seething with justifiable anger. Pakistan has been let down, badly let down, and the fault is with David White and the rest of New Zealand’s cricket board.

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