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Official talks to sack Ramiz Raja as PCB chairman relive

Official talks to sack Ramiz Raja as PCB chairman relive

After the fall of Imran Khan as the Prime Minister of Pakistan in April 2022, and the PMLN taking over, major changes took place in the country and so were expected in the Pakistan Cricket. As the Pakistani PM works as PCB’s Patron in Chief, Shehbaz Shareef now has all the power to select the PCB chairman of his choice.

During PTI’s regime, Imran chose Ramiz Raja for the role who has been efficiently handling the duties since last year. However, there have been talks to dethrone his powers and impose a chairman favourite of PMLN leaders. Although there were no relevant gossips from the last some weeks, but they have now been relived as the former PCB Chairman Khalid Mehmood met Shehbaz on Sunday.

Who is likely to become next PCB chairman

Defining the consequence of his meeting, Khalid told he is one of the potential members to take over Raja as PCB Chairman, who is likely to be sacked soon. It must be noted that Najam Sethi is another preferred candidate for the post as he is among the close friends of the current PM.

Furthermore, he told that Shehbaz queried about the present functions of the board if they are being handled efficiently to which Khalid replied that he has no answer. While talking to GEO Sports, Khalid revealed if an offer to become PCB chairman falls in lap, he will straightaway accept it.

“I have 50 years of experience in handling administrative matters, as I have been a member of the PCB’s Governing Body and also the manager of the national team. If the government and the patron PCB Shehbaz Sharif ask me to take responsibility, I will not refuse.”

It must be noted that Ramiz earlier responded to tales when they at first started saying he has no plans to retire and will not give up until asked for.

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