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On This Day: West Indies all out for 25

On This Day: West Indies all out for 25

On This Day: West Indies all out for 25

2nd July 1969 has created a history in the cricket fraternity. On This Day, The West Indies giants lost to Ireland minnows in a match of one-day, two innings affair. West Indies then were less of the West Indies but more of today’s Irish. Although against Ireland, they would have expected many feasible times the tables turned.

Londonderry’s crowd witnessed an astonishing and a rare play out then. The Irish guys won in the first inning despite Basil Butcher’s wish to bat first after winning the toss. In the game of two innings in the only day, the destiny was not scheduled to drag it to the second inning as the first inning turned out to be prosperous for Ireland with crushed West Indies’ show.

On This Day: West Indies all out for 25

As the format differs a lot from the Tests, ODIs, or T20Is or merely any other league tournament, the purpose of a one-day, two innings affair was to choose the winner leading in the first inning in case of a draw However, the game was required to be completed in the allotted time.

As it was a huge gap considering West indies’ and Ireland’s innings with 25 all out and 125/8 decay, the Douglas Goodwin-led team were the absolute champions.

What made the game more astonishing was the men in maroon lost 9 wickets scoring 12 – the next 13 runs were made without losing one but the subsequent ball turned out to be game-losing for the visitors.

None but two of the Irish bowlers contributed with all ten West Indies men. Alec O Riordan grabbed four whereas, the skipper, Goodwin yielded five. The two men’s economy ranged 1.38 and 0.48 sequentially with no six or four conceded.

As the Goodwin and team led by 100 run scoring 125 in their first inning, West Indies were once again trashed before completing the trail. This time, Butcher’s chaps were collapsed on 78 losing four wickets with no time to commence the game hence, ending in a losing cause.

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