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Top Indian Cricket Betting Apps For iPhone and Android 2022

It is not unusual that there are so many betting companies in the global gaming market today. As online gambling has become popular in India and many other nations around the world. After all, it allows participants to not only have enjoyable and learn new things but also to win large sums of money potentially.

Of course, using a mobile application is much more practical for gambling on cricket, observing a range of competitions and matches, and tracking game statistics because your telephone is always around. As Marketwatch mentioned, we aim to become the number 1 guide for cricket betting in India. Let us at help you to find the best legal betting apps in India.

the best betting apps in india

What are the benefits of using a betting app?

An excellent method to engage with your sport of choice is through sports betting. Betting may be a great deal of fun as well. There are a few factors that should be kept in mind to get the most out of your encounter with sports betting apps. Whether you’re betting on your beloved team or attempting to make some predictions.

Don’t wager more than you could ever afford to give up, for instance. It’s crucial to remember that anything can happen even if you already have inside knowledge or are confident you have a sure thing. If you wager more than you could ever afford to lose and circumstances don’t turn out as you expect, you can get into financial difficulties.

There are additional things you should be aware of. For instance, the availability of sports betting applications has made it simpler than ever to wager on sports.


The advantages and ease of using a sports betting app are below.


It is feasible to wager using sports betting apps for numerous reasons. One benefit is that you can do it whenever and wherever. You can place bets from the convenience of your home, eliminating the need to visit a nearby sportsbook.

The ease of usage makes using sports wagering apps useful for wagering as well. You won’t have any trouble locating what you’re looking for because the user experience is typically simple and clear.

Interesting details

Many sports betting applications available nowadays offer a variety of features. Also, they can enhance your betting experience and make it more comfortable. For instance, you can set up alerts on some apps to receive notifications whenever the odds on a specific game or event change. You can make sure your bets are always at the best odds by doing this.

Some applications also include streaming live events. Allowing you to follow the action as it develops and adjust your bets as necessary. And most sports gambling apps also feature customer care teams who are always willing and ready to aid if you ever really need help or assistance.


It Benefits Players that utilize the app rewards by many online sportsbooks with bonuses that are exclusive to them. Similar to the one we already mentioned. This may encourage them to continue playing.

You should make an effort to be responsible if you are a newbie to sports betting. The only way to enjoy a fantastic sports betting experience is to do that.

Even though mobile betting has numerous advantages, there are also certain drawbacks that you should be aware of, which we’ll discuss in this post.


Some disadvantages are:

You might not be able to contact customer service for help

The final area where you should use caution is the customer assistance section. Unfortunately, most websites don’t offer efficient customer support. It is not unusual that they might decide not to include contact options in their apps as a result.

You might not always have accessibility to every sport

If you don’t download the sports nation app, which has been tailored to incorporate all the features on this bookmaker’s desktop website, you’ll probably find that certain apps don’t let users place bets on specific sports.

As you are certainly aware, developing a mobile application is difficult and expensive. Despite this, many bookies choose to spend lots of money to attract additional clients. You can frequently find gambling apps that do not offer the complete selection of sports that are provided on the operator’s desktop website since some of them perform a fantastic job, while others had to make compromises.

There may be inefficiencies with Pay Out and Live Betting

If you have any interest in sports gambling, you undoubtedly already know that practically all the bookmakers you may use let their customers place bets on live sporting events and employ Cash Out.

These two features are fantastic and draw a lot of users, but regrettably, some operators won’t let you use them if you download their app.

In other words, before you start betting, you must be sure that all those things are available.

Some bonuses most likely won’t function

Before you begin using a specific program, you should also make sure that all the benefits are active. Companies today utilize a variety of promotions to entice new customers. Since many bookmakers lack standalone mobile apps, they elect to make their desktop versions more accessible to bettors who install their apps.

Not all operators are successful, thus you can frequently encounter bookmakers who do not offer all their computer incentives.

How to start using a cricket betting app?

However, considering that there are so many possibilities available at online betting sites, those who are new to cricket gambling might not know where to begin.

Since there are so many periodic breaks in play, unlike in football, cricket is possibly the only sport that is suited for in-play sports betting in addition to pre-match betting markets.

Make extensive research

Whenever it comes to winning at cricket betting, studying is the key, just like with any other sort of gaming.

Periods of poor performance can have a massive effect on a player, which in turn affects the team’s prospects of achieving a successful outcome because cricket is a cognitive sport unlike probably any other.

It will be crucial to be thoroughly aware of each player’s form and any potential ailments. You can find the most recent news and results on several leading cricket news websites. Numerous websites offer cricket betting advice as well. Even while it’s not always simple to tell whether a tipster is worth paying attention to, reading their opinions can be helpful. With additional research, it’s much more likely for a cricket fan to recognize a price that seems too good when looking for a bargain (more on that later).

When it relates to cricket betting, it can also be a smart option to focus on a specific competition. The ebb and flow of a test match, which lasts for five days of activity, and the bash and explosion of a Twenty20 game, which lasts for only a few hours, are very different. When beginning with cricket betting, it may be a good idea to concentrate on a T20 competition like the Indian Premier League, which is played in the spring.

Live and in-game betting

Cricket is among the greatest sports with live in-play gambling because there are breaks between each ball and lengthier intervals between overs. Even though the odds change quickly, it only takes a record or a big shot to completely alter the tide of a match, providing potential for winning bets.

It is conceivable that there may be opportunities to gain some money by placing live in-play bets while watching a cricket match live on television. For top live games starring India or in the IPL, several of the biggest fantasy cricket apps available will also offer price increases and improved odds.

Verify the pitch’s parameters and the weather

Knowing the weather is a smart option before gambling on a game of cricket. Cricket play is frequently stopped by rain but using the DLS Method to determine the outcome when the weather interferes gives live in-play bets on the game an additional layer of complexity.

What bets are most likely to win bets will also depend on how well a pitch is in play. The field will naturally deteriorate throughout a Test match, making it difficult to score runs and giving the fielding team’s spin bowlers additional support.

In short-format matches, the scoring rates will also be significantly impacted by the quality of the pitch.

Get the greatest odds possible

Spending some time looking for the greatest odds can be beneficial when placing a cricket wager. Others may face fierce competition when it comes to value because some leading online gambling apps and sites in India are known for their high prices for cricket.

Looking at the odds on a few different sportsbooks might make a significant impact when making pre-match cricket bets. After all, even a tiny increase in the odds available can have a significant influence on the potential income that is up for sale in a wager. A person may discover a price increase by looking at a few different cricket betting websites.

Utilize no-cost cricket betting bonuses

The most famous activity in India is cricket, hence there are many free cricket betting incentives available.

The welcome bonuses provided by betting sites may include free bets that may be used to wager on a T20 game or a Test match, while reloading bonuses may also award additional free cricket bets.

Betting sites are more likely to offer cricket-specific incentives when a major event, like the Cricket World Cup or the Indian Champions League, is taking place. These days, a lot of betting sites now offer VIP rewards programs. These often allow users to accumulate free cricket wagers by making certain wagers.

In conclusion, numerous free fantasy cricket bonuses are widely accessible at betting sites and could be used to place risk-free bets, thereby providing the opportunity to win money for nothing. It is acceptable to open accounts at several alternative cricket betting websites. By doing so, users will have access to several of the best welcome bonuses and any special cricket betting incentives or promotions that a website may offer to its users.

Starting right is easy for newbies by following our betting recommendations for beginners.

How to download an app for Android

You must set up an Android Studio project and configure a Google API Console project before you can begin integrating Google Sign-In into your app.

Then The entire process can typically be finished in a few moments because bookmakers frequently ask for the same information when you sign up. You can see all the steps you must follow below to register an online betting login:

  • Step 1: Pick bookies. You must first decide which bookies you want to enroll with.
  • Step 2: Select “Join” from the menu. The option to sign up will take you to a different page; choose that option. After that, you will have to supply some personal data.
  • Step 3: Complete the registration form. Most websites want your name, email account, home address, phone number, and birthdate. Some people could ask you for more details. The form will resemble something like this in any scenario.
  • Step 4: Then Select your username and password. You must select a special login and password to secure your account to return and log in again.
  • Step 5: Accepting the Terms of Service is on the website before you can place a wager. To avoid any shocks, later, we suggest you read them thoroughly before proceeding.
  • Step 6: Activate your Account. A few bookmakers will ask you to register your account via phone or email, depending on how you signed up. This is to ensure that the information you provided is accurate.

How to download an app for iOS / iPhone

There are five stages to installing iOS or iPhone apps on a Mac.

You only need to follow five simple links to download iOS apps from the Mac App Store, and you can install them in a matter of seconds.

  1. Activate the Mac App Store.
  2. In the lower-left corner of the app, select your profile.
  3. Then select “iPhone & iPad Apps.”
  4. To download an application to your Mac, click on its download button.

The procedure foriOS apps is the same as for Mac apps. The Launchpad or the Program’s folder are two places where you can access the software.

Alternatively, you can use the Mac App Store’s search function to find the description of the iOS app you wish to download, and then just select the iPhone & iPad Applications tab that displays right below the results list.

The programs that are not functional with your Mac are marked as “Not Verified for macOS” so you can tell which ones were created specifically for iOS devices.

What is important in a good cricket betting app?

All websites are unique, although they vary in terms of style and operation. The finest of them are, nonetheless, distinguished by several factors.

They are connected to:

  • Cricket betting is fascinating
  • Access to any game and tournament event that is known
  • There are many kinds of betting
  • The greatest bonus and promotion offers
  • Customer support
  • Logical organization of parts and content
  • A lot of updates
  • Modern UI and an unusual appearance

There are numerous attractive offerings available right now that can help you make a good profit.

And each user chooses for himself the main parameter, which he needs, and relies only on it. That’s why it is very important to study all the information in advance and make the right choice!

How do pick the best app for cricket betting in India?

Despite the abundance of bookmaker businesses, picking a trustworthy one can be very challenging. Making the proper decision is also a responsible action. Additionally, keep in mind that 90% of your success in cricket betting will depend on your choice of bookmaker.

You must pick your bookmaker wisely if you want your experience with cricket betting to be beneficial. In addition, you should approach this with composure. Therefore, you should consider these crucial factors when selecting an online cricket betting app.


In India as well as in other countries, gambling is a very well-liked kind of gaming. The need for bookmaker services is constantly growing, which attracts scammers to this industry, particularly online. A business that holds a license and abides by its rules can attest to its legality and adherence to the rules of fair play.

Additionally, it gains the allegiance of new gamers. The fact that such a bookmaker has license that is known to the bettors, indicates that the possibility of fraud is very unlikely. Since both the wagering office and the players wish to earn money betting on cricket, the license serves as a sort of seal of approval.

Every singlebookmaker that is mentioned on our website has a license. Each of them has itsown, individual number. The bookmakers affirm that they meet all standards foracquiring a license by applying for an updated one regularly. To achieve this, they must:

  • Use safe payment processors
  • Have clear terms of service of use that are accessible to all users
  • Actively combat money laundering and fraud
  • Be responsible when following fair play regulations

Cricket betting bonuses

Utilizing cricket gambling websites with betting deals is crucial. The bonus is the first indicator of a trustworthy Indian betting site.

Online businesses can not afford to not provide their clients with betting options in rupees because of the fierce competition there.

Indian betting sites offering free sign-up bonuses

Many, if not all, online bookmakers that accept Indian players provide a free welcome bonus.

These are also referred to as welcome offers, sign-up betting bonuses, and registration bonuses.

These serve as the primary means by which bookies advertise themselves online and are only available to new customers. A bonus for signing up typically links with your first deposit and can only be used once.

Considering that they are designed to draw new players from India, they are frequently some of the greatest and most lucrative bettings offers available. These welcome bonuses for new bettors will take many shapes. The online bookmaker might increase your winnings if you place a wager, or they might match your initial payment up to a specific amount.

In India, Betmaster has the largest welcome offer

Betmaster offers the most valuable welcome bonus now in India.

A bonus of up to15,000 pounds may be claimed by new clients upon registration, and they can also receive an additional 2000 pounds worth of free bets for the first four weeks.

The quantity of the welcome bonus is determined by your first deposit, which is mirrored 100% up to a maximum of$15,000 and is dependent on that amount. Please be aware that this bonus money has a 10x rollover requirement.

The double bonus is then supplemented by free bets for the subsequent four weeks, though. If new players deposit a minimum of $1755 per week, they will receive a weekly freebet of $500.

India’s No Deposit Bonus Betting Websites

Few bookmaker promos are as well-liked as no deposit bonuses.

Anyone wanting to take advantage simply receives a bet without danger to use any way they like, barring any pre-set criteria, without having to spend any of their own money

No deposit incentives have occasionally been used by cricket gambling websites to swiftly attract new Indian consumers because it’s such an alluring opportunity.

These are less frequent than bonuses for signing up with betting sites, but it is still worthwhile to check the top online bookmakers to see whether they are currently offering this. Online cricket gambling with no deposit required is a fantastic method to learn about a betting website without having to use your own money.

New Sportsbooks with Bonuses for Signup

In India, new cricket betting websites frequently launch.

It’s wonderful to know that many companies also provide sign-up bonuses. Without a registration bonus, it would be difficult for a new website to compete with others that have a broader track record. You can get started with the greatest possible experience at new betting sites that provide sign-up bonuses.

FreeBet Promotions

‘Bet and Get’betting promotions, which typically take the shape of free bets, are well-liked choices. Free bonus betting companies establish requirements that, if satisfied, result in a bonus that will be provided.

For instance, if you wager $250 on an event, you’ll receive a free bet of the same amount to use on any sport. This is a well-liked betting bonus at LeoVegas for Indian gamers. Some websites handle free bet promotions for outright markets differently. Based on the performance of a club or player, they choose the triggers for freebets.

These are frequent throughout the IPL and ICC Cricket World Cups, among other significant competitions.

Offers for matched deposits

The most popular kind of sign-up gambling bonus in India involves a matching deposit incentive. The bookmaker will give a bonus that matches or is based on the first deposit made by the player into their account. Because they appeal to all types of online gamblers, matched deposit gambling offers are well-liked.

Even if they don’t take advantage of the biggest bonus available when making their initial payment, players who are playing for lower stakes can still participate. Many Indian bookies, notably Mr. Play, offer this as a popular promotion.

Bonus for Increased Profit

An increase in return for winning tickets is provided by profit boost betting.

Suppose you double the odds on your initial wager up to 11.0. Make sure you are familiar with the terms of service before placing an online wager because stakes and overall odds are frequently you are choosing.

There is some flexibility provided by profit increase betting options, though. While more aggressive players could double the odds of a pick at the upper end of the odds scale, such as 10/1 (11.0) to 20/1, more prudent Indian gamblers can choose to wager twice at evening things (2.0) to 2/1 (3.0). (21.0).

Bonus Refunds

Refund betting offers are now part of India’s gaming landscape and are becoming increasingly popular with some of the bigger betting companies that accept Indian players.

Typically, if a specific event occurs, these offers repay a bettor’s stake in a specific market. For instance, if India’s Virat Kohli hits a half-century or more, allowing top batsmen wagers will receive their money returned. In such cases, betting on a more expensive player might be a possibility. If the favourite succeeds, your investment will be returned to you in the form of cash or freebets.

Money-Back Betting Promotions

Bettinginevitably involves losing bets. Nobody can consistently win bets. But with a loss refund bonus, bookmakers reimburse a portion of your overall losses on a specific event, in either cash or in the form of free bets. For instance, 10 percent back on unsuccessful in-play wagers during the T20 World Cup game between Pakistan and India.

No one places a wager with the intention of losing it, but at least you’ll get some of your money back if something goes wrong.

Referral incentives

When customers have a good experience with a business, they frequently tell their friends about it. A word-of-mouth referral is one of the best forms of effective promotion.

The iGaming sector is not any different in this regard. As a result, several betting companies in India provide a refer-a-friend incentive where both parties receive rewards after a new account is registered. The fresh account holder often needs to fund their bank and place an online wager. The referral account is then credited with a free cricket wager or bonus.

Chances Boosts

A betting site will promote certain results in particular markets. This could occur for certain well-known tournaments as well as everyday betting. Odd increases typically occur for top batsmen or bowlers and accumulator outcomes rather than most popular markets, such as match-winner singles.

As an example, Ravindra Jadeja might be offered at 8.0 as the best overall bowler in the T20 World Cup as a bonus bet. Previously, the market might be valued at 6.0 or 7.0.

Customer support

Customer support is also available 24/7 round the clock, therefore you can contact the site directly or call on the number provided. The apps and sites provide information and email option, so if any person has a genuine question to ask, their helpline is open.

Payment Methods

Placing your first deposit at a betting site is one of the first steps in getting started with internet gambling after creating an account there.

There are several ways to achieve it, but regardless of the deposit method you select, the steps follow are typically the same:

  • Go to the teller at your online betting site.
  • Decide how much money you want to invest
  • Determine the banking method you like.
  • Add any necessary information like credit card information, email, bank account details or number, etc.)
  • Confirm your wagers and get going!


Due to legal limitations, credit cards are sometimes no longer an acceptable form of payment in betting sites. However, Visa and MasterCard credit cards remain common options for financing your online gambling account in most of the world.


But perhaps even more common are e-Wallets. They add an extra layer of security because they are simple to use, convenient, and don’t require you to give your betting site any financial information. It’s also fantastic that you may typically link a variety of financing sources, such as different bank accounts or credit cards, to your e-Wallet. Neteller, Apple Pay, EcoPayz, PayTM, Skrill, PayPal, PhonePe, and Google Pay are a few of the most popular options.

Immediate Banking

Instant banking options are another quick and simple way to add money to your wagering account without having to manually enter bank information. This service establishes a connection between you and your bank balance and enables immediate transfers. Trustly is one of the most well-known services that do that.

Transfer by bank

Most betting sites still accept the trusted bank transfer method. Although the transaction entered are the greatest among the common deposit or withdrawal options, you can quickly deposit and withdraw using this technique.

Withdrawal methods


The Paytmwithdrawals are without a doubt one of the most well-liked ways to withdraw money in India, and they function flawlessly. If your bank accounts are linked to the wallet and a UPI ID is formed for it, you can use this payment mechanism as a wallet or a UPI to make payments.

Bank Transfers

Although it may take some time for the payment to be fully processed, some Indian sports gambling sites, like 10CRIC, allow their users to withdraw their winnings directly into their bank accounts.

Cricket betting odds

The odds that you receive for a certain match are as cricket betting rates. These prices can vary from betting site to betting site and will alter over time. To calculate these rates, bookmakers use complex arithmetic, probability, and a little margin.

Here are the three sorts of odds that are used in cricket gambling, along with instructions on how to interpret each.

  • As the name implies, decimal odds are expressed in decimal form
  • This kind of odds is expressed as fractions
  • American

Cricket Betting Types

There are various types of cricket betting types. Some are mentioned below:

Under/Over Bets

With over/under wagers, you’ll have to guess whether the final score of the teams will be over or under the figures provided by the bookmakers.

Win by Toss

Technically, this bet is essentially a coin flip, where you bet on which team will win the roll of the dice before the game. Although some people find this to be a fun gamble, some people truly do not like risking their cash on this.

Even/Odd Runs

The even/odd runs make your wager based on whether a team’s run total for the match would be odd or even. If it is zero, which is unlikely, it is regarded as an even integer.

League Bets

Unlike the typical match bet, a league bet involves wagering on a result for the entire league. Although the danger is also higher, profits are typically higher.

OverallTournament Champion

A wager on the tournament’s eventual winner is referred to as an”outright winner” wager. Top favourites and fan favorites are typically included in the odds.

Competition’stop bowler

You can bet on the position of the bowler as well. Moreover, you can also forecast who might bename the greatest bowler at the end of the competition using the statistics of well-known bowlers that are readily available online.


What Then is the Best Indian Cricket Betting Site?

The finest websites must possess a certain standard to be recognized as the best in India. The website needs to be accessible, have a government license, and have servers in some offshore nations where there is permission for gambling.

Can I have more than one account with several cricket betting websites?

Yes, it is a smart move to have many accounts with various bookmakers because there are many different areas of a cricket game where one can place bets, and it’s always helpful to have a backup.

What Is a Bonus for Cricket Betting?

Cricket betting incentives and bonuses are essentially the prizes and extras that the gambling authority provides to newcomers or to its regular, devoted patrons to motivate the players to take part in more of the sport’s draughts and competitions.

What CricketCompetitions Are There To Bet On?

Numerous tournaments offer wagering depending on the service. The BPL, Ashes, IPL, and the T-20 World Cup are the most well-known competitions that draw the most interest and bets.

IPL Betting Apps

An annual national tournament, the Indian Premier League, draws millions of spectators. The popularity of cricket betting has soared in the area with the emergence of top IPL gambling applications in India.

The Indian Premier League is unquestionably one of the year’s most exciting and entertaining cricket competitions. Also, each year, many Indians come together over their common passion for (and occasional competition among) their preferred IPL teams.

And a very clear way to enjoy the IPL is to gamble on the games, participate in the cricket season, and perhaps earn a little more money in the process.

Some IPL bettingapps are:

  • 10CRIC
  • Betway
  • Parimatch
  • Dafabet
  • IPL
  • PureWin

Parimatch app

The Parimatch app has won its number one spot for a number of excellent reasons:

  • a reputable worldwide sports book that sponsors numerous English Premier League teams and uses Dale Steyn as their brand ambassador
  • Owners of the world’s most reputable gambling licenses
  • Deposit methods using UPI and Net Banking
  • Quick Withdrawals in rupees using local bank transfers
  • IPL betting markets with a wide selection and competitive cricket odds

The Parimatch IPLgambling app looks fantastic! The customer service is excellent and accessible via email and chats around the clock. Another helpful feature of this gaming software is that players from India can experience some casino classics including Live Andar Bahar and Teen Patti.

IPL betting sites are becoming more and more popular in India, but according to our research, ten of them are the finest to place your IPL Satta online in 2022. These cricket betting applications and sites have trounced the competition in our analysis ofIPL bookmakers for several reasons. This is because they provide a large range of betting markets, so no matter what kind of bet you decide to place, you can be sure that it is accessible with the betting sites. Our recommended bookies provide the greatest odds in the industry, so you receive the most value when you gamble on the IPL with10CRIC, Parimatch, Betway, PureWin, and other bookmakers.


For those who prefer to wager in the rupee on the widest selection of IPL markets available,10CRIC is a terrific option. Additionally, 10CRIC offers an incredible selection of IPL betting incentives, which is fantastic news for anyone looking for IPL bet and other offers throughout the game.

  • IPL marketplaces provide IPL odds at 10CRIC and offer a great selection of IPL bets to choose from. Prices at 10CRIC typically rank among the best IPL wagers available.
  • Bonuses for the IPL: 10CRIC features a sizable selection of betting incentives for the IPL.
  • Convenient ways to pay: There are numerous choices for individuals who desire to play in rupees.


One of the best well-known betting companies in the globe, Betway India has a solid reputation in this industry as well as many others throughout the world. The Betway betting app has long been regarded as a favourite in India due to its reputation as West Ham’s longtime Premier League jersey sponsor. When using Betway to place bets online, you can be sure that you are operating within the law.

The advantages of utilizing the Betway gambling app include:

  • There are dozens of sports betting possibilities available on Betway, including cricket markets.
  • Cricket odds: According to research, Betway consistently offers some of the best odds available.
  • Bonuses: Betway customers can claim a tonne of free cricket bets.
  • Banking techniques: Numerous ways are available for rupee deposits.
  • Best IPL betting site

Given that it is produced by one of the most famous and well-known online gambling companies in the world, the Betway sports betting app is among the safest to use. It is accurate to say that one of the top phone betting apps that can be downloaded in India was made by Betway.


Most players may be familiar with Purewin as an Indian online casino, but after changing its name and focus, it is now regarded as one of the main picks for online betting in the nation. Since this mindset change, Purewin has made cricket a top priority, and the business has created a Purewin sports betting software that can be used on both ios & Android smartphones. Customers of Purewin have access to the industry’s casino alternatives as well as the ability to wager on sporting events like the IPL and other sports championships.