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Pak vs Eng: Karachi leg closes with shut up call to critics

Pak vs Eng: Karachi leg closes with shut up call to critics

National Stadium Karachi is often criticized for not having a house full during crucial cricket matches, including the low attendance in the revival of international cricket in Pakistan. Almost all big teams are paying their visits to the cricket-loving nation, and with most of the matches being held in Karachi, a house full is expected every time in the NSK from the Karachiites.

Karachi, known for working and earning more revenue in the country than any other city, witness less crowd as compared to what is noticed at Gadaffi and Rawalpindi. With a seating capacity of 30,000+, many empty seats are spotted during significant clashes and even in the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

However, turning down all the grudges against it, NSK glimpsed a record-breaking crowd this time as it has hosted the four games of the seven-match Pak vs Eng T20I series. Before the series shifts to Lahore for the final three matches, Karachi has made sure to give a sweet shut-up call to all with the massive and entertaining crowd in all four matches.

Those, who attend the matches, are narrating in their social media posts that people were standing for the whole game, as seats fell short. And those already in their places were not ready to leave even for an emergency with a fear that the seat would be filled the moment they leave.

The board also appreciated the citizens for attending the matches with the fullest support to both countries. In a statement, it writes,

A total of 126,550 spectators crossed turnstiles for the four T20Is in Karachi, marking a record 95.3% turnout! PCB donated PKR13million generated from gate revenues from the first T20I to the PM’s flood relief fund. Thank you Karachi for your appreciation, love and support.

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