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Pakistan is the safest country, Sherfane Rutherford

Pakistan is the safest country, Sherfane Rutherford

On one hand, where the New Zealand Cricket Board (NZC) has termed Pakistan unsafe to play cricket, many cross-border, from across the world sympathies are popping up.

Sherfane Rutherford, the Guyanese cricketer, is one of those who are popping up to portray Pakistan’s positive image after NZC has believed in ‘unauthentic sources declaring security threats to commence Pakistan tour.

Although NZC security experts voyaged Pakistan before declaring the cricket-loving nation ‘free of any sort of threats’, it is out of understanding to see lame statements coming from their end.

If security was the concern, they should not have come in the first place, but once visited, and calling off the ‘entire’ tour a few minutes before the first game kicked-start, was a great disrespect to Pakistan and it’s all working areas.

Rutherford says that he has visited a vast group of countries but none of them felt like Pakistan. He is not the one but many believe that hospitality and security provided in Pakistan is at its best as always.

Feelings for my pakistani friends not a good news for cricket lovers . I’ve travelled to many countries. Pakistani is the safest country for cricket and cricket loving country. #PAKvNZ

Sherfane Rutherford

It feels like Pakistanis are back a decade where they felt a similar blow after Sri Lanka Bus Attack outside Gadaffi stadium. However, the consequences are very much different. In the last five years, many countries have visited Pakistan and declared it safe to visit, play cricket.

Pakistan has always given a message of peace to other countries. Believing in murmurs was the greatest of folly, says fans.

Pakistan is the safest country, Sherfane Rutherford

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