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Schedule for Pakistan men’s future tours programme 2023-25

Schedule for Pakistan men's future tours programme 2023-25

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has unveiled the revised Future Tours Programme 2023-2025, following the confirmation of the Men in Green’s participation in 10 additional T20Is against New Zealand next year. This announcement brings about significant changes to the team’s upcoming schedule.

In light of these adjustments, the two ICC World Test Championship matches against the West Indies, initially slated for February 2024 in Pakistan, have now been rescheduled to January 2025. This alteration allows for a more strategic placement of these crucial matches within the revised timeline.

Furthermore, the anticipated tour of Pakistan to New Zealand, originally planned for January 2025 and featuring three ODIs and five T20Is, has been pushed back to April 2025. This modification ensures a more favorable timing for the series and provides ample preparation time for both teams.

With these revisions in place, here is the updated schedule for Pakistan in the men’s Future Tours Programme 2023-2025, where all Tests contribute towards the ICC World Test Championship 2023-2025. The PCB is determined to create an exciting and competitive lineup of matches for the Men in Green, offering fans the opportunity to witness thrilling T20Is and Test encounters as Pakistan strives for success in the ICC World Test Championship.

Schedule for Pakistan men’s future tours programme 2023-25

Year Month Series Matches
2023-24 July Pakistan to Sri Lanka (two Tests) 2 Tests
August Pakistan to Afghanistan (three ODIs) 3 ODIs
September ACC 50-over Asia Cup
October/Nov ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup India 2023
Dec/Jan Pakistan to Australia (three Tests) 3 Tests
January Pakistan to New Zealand (5 T20Is) 5 T20Is
April New Zealand to Pakistan (5 T20Is) 5 T20Is
May Pakistan to the Netherlands (three T20Is) 3 T20Is
Pakistan to Ireland (two T20Is) 2 T20Is
Pakistan to England (four T20Is) 4 T20Is
June ICC Men’s T20 World Cup
2024-25 August Bangladesh in Pakistan (two Tests) 2 Tests
October England in Pakistan (three Tests) 3 Tests
November Pakistan to Australia (three ODIs, three T20Is) 3 ODIs, 3 T20Is
Nov/Dec Pakistan to Zimbabwe (three ODIs, three T20Is) 3 ODIs, 3 T20Is
Dec/Jan Pakistan to South Africa (two Tests, three ODIs, three T20Is) 2 Tests, 3 ODIs, 3 T20Is
January West Indies in Pakistan (two Tests) 2 Tests
February New Zealand and South Africa in Pakistan (ODI tri-series) ODI Tri-series
Feb/Mar ICC Champions Trophy Pakistan 2025
April Pakistan to New Zealand (three ODIs, five T20Is) 3 ODIs, 5 T20Is
May Bangladesh in Pakistan (three ODIs, three T20Is) 3 ODIs, 3 T20Is

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