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Things become more challenging for Pakistan to qualify for World Cup 2023 semi-finals

Things become more challenging for Pakistan to qualify for World Cup 2023 semi-finals. Can Pakistan still qualify for World Cup 2023 semifinal?

  • Afghanistan’s victory over the Netherlands complicates Pakistan’s path to the ICC World Cup 2023 semi-finals.
  • Pakistan need to win their upcoming matches against New Zealand and England and rely on Afghanistan’s losses to secure a semi-final spot.
  • Multiple specific match outcomes must align favorably for Pakistan to advance to the knockout stage.

Pakistan’s journey to the ICC World Cup 2023 semi-finals has taken a more challenging turn. Afghanistan’s recent victory over the Netherlands in Bengaluru has added an extra layer of complexity to the Green Shirts’ path to the semi-finals. Their route is far from straightforward, with multiple scenarios at play.

Prior to this pivotal match, Pakistan’s semi-final hopes were hinging on New Zealand’s performance. However, now, Pakistan not only needs to secure victories in their upcoming matches against New Zealand and England, but they must also rely on Afghanistan losing at least one of their remaining two matches, ideally both. After both teams have played seven matches, Afghanistan hold a slight advantage with eight points.

The upcoming clash between Pakistan and New Zealand carries immense significance, as it’s a must-win match for the Green Shirts. If they manage to triumph over the Black Caps, they will accumulate eight points with one more game to go against England. Simultaneously, Pakistan would hope for New Zealand’s defeat in their final match against Sri Lanka.

In an ideal scenario, the following results would work in Pakistan’s favor for securing a semi-final spot:

  • Pakistan defeating New Zealand.
  • Australia emerging victorious against England.
  • India prevailing over South Africa.
  • Sri Lanka outshining Bangladesh.
  • Australia defeating Afghanistan.
  • England overpowering the Netherlands.
  • Sri Lanka securing a win against New Zealand.
  • South Africa trumping Afghanistan.
  • Australia prevailing over Bangladesh.
  • Pakistan conquering England.
  • India winning against the Netherlands.

Should all these results align as outlined above, India would lead the table with 18 points, followed by South Africa with 14 points. Australia and Pakistan would finish third and fourth, both with 10 points, earning Pakistan a spot in the World Cup knockout stage. It’s a challenging path, but Pakistan’s hopes remain alive with a combination of skill, determination, and favorable outcomes.

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