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Pakistan unlikely to host Champions Trophy 2025

Pakistan unlikely to host Champions Trophy 2025

After uncertainties are revolving around Asia Cup 2023 hosting, Pakistan are also likely to get deprived of their Champions Trophy 2025 hosting rights. The news became trending after News18 reported authorities’ interest in shifting the event either to the USA or to West Indies.

Recently, a lot has been going on regards the Asian event with the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) citing security issues in Pakistan. They have denied visiting the cricket-loving nation to take part in Asia Cup 2023 despite the fact that Asia Cup hosting was gifted to Pakistan by the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) including Jay Shah.

India has demanded a neutral venue for Asia Cup while Pakistan is proposing a hybrid model. Till now, no final solution has come to limelight and the battle continues. As if it was not enough, uncertainties regarding Champions Trophy 2025 have started circulating too.

The report reads that instead of the 2024 T20 World Cup, West Indies and USA might host the Champions Trophy 2025 while Pakistan would get compensation for the monetary losses. Once West Indies and USA will get the Champions Trophy 2025 hosting rights, Scotland and Ireland will become hosts of World Cup 2024.

The decision to change the hosting arrangements for the T20 World Cup and the Champions Trophy stems primarily from scheduling limitations faced by the United Kingdom. Due to its restricted hosting window in May-June, Ireland and Scotland have been considered as alternative hosts for the T20 World Cup, as their original schedule for the 2024 tournament aligns with this time frame.

To allow the United States sufficient time for infrastructure development, the Champions Trophy has been relocated to West Indies and the USA. This move is viewed as more logistically feasible since the Champions Trophy involves fewer matches compared to the T20 World Cup. It provides an additional year for the West Indies and the USA to prepare for hosting the tournament effectively.

However, concerns have been raised regarding the current infrastructure situation in the USA. Hosting a major event like the T20 World Cup would pose significant challenges due to the lack of ready venues. Additionally, there are concerns about potential financial losses for broadcasters in the sub-continent, where returns are typically high.

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