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Big claim from Sethi, Pakistan will only play World Cup in India if ….

Pakistan Confirms Participation in ICC World Cup: Reveals Hybrid Model Proposal for Asia Cup 2023

  • Najam Sethi, confirms Pakistan’s participation in the ICC World Cup if Asia Cup’s hybrid model is accepted.
  • Sethi stresses that Pakistan has successfully hosted international cricket in recent years
  • The PCB proposes a hybrid model for the Asia Cup, presenting options for matches to be played in Pakistan and at a neutral venue.

Najam Sethi, the esteemed chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) management committee, has made a firm declaration, stating that Pakistan will unquestionably participate in the ICC World Cup, provided the proposed hybrid model for the Asia Cup 2023 is accepted.

In a recent interview with an Indian media outlet, Sethi expressed confidence that the political situation in Pakistan would stabilize by September, which coincides with the scheduled Asia Cup window.

Pakistan Confirms Participation in ICC World Cup: Reveals Hybrid Model Proposal for Asia Cup 2023

Highlighting the evolving circumstances in Pakistan, Sethi reiterated that both countries, Pakistan and India, have actively fought against terrorism and should not be subject to baseless allegations. He drew attention to the incident involving the Sri Lankan team in 2009, which brought significant changes to Pakistan.

Sethi emphasized that occasional incidents, such as the riots in Delhi, should not be misconstrued as indicative of a city’s overall safety. To further support his argument, he reminded the public that international cricket events continued in Pakistan while former Prime Minister Imran Khan led street protests.

Najam Sethi, who played a pivotal role in the revival of international cricket in Pakistan, harkened back to the milestone moments under his leadership. In 2015, Zimbabwe embarked on a tour of Lahore, marking the return of international cricket to the country.

The grand finale of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) in 2017, held in Lahore, further solidified Pakistan’s position as a safe and welcoming cricketing destination. Subsequently, prominent cricketing nations like Australia, England, and New Zealand have graced Pakistan’s stadiums.

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Asserting the commitment of Pakistan’s cricketing authorities, Sethi assured that the country’s participation in the ICC World Cup in India hinges upon the acceptance of the hybrid model proposed for the Asia Cup.

He emphasized the need for a prompt decision and regarded the hybrid model as the optimal solution, further stating that the neutral venue would be mutually agreed upon if the proposed model gains approval.

According to sources cited by Geo News, the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) is expected to convene a meeting this week to deliberate on the PCB’s hybrid model proposal. The PCB has presented two options within the hybrid model framework.

The first option suggests India playing their matches at a neutral venue, while all other matches would take place in Pakistan. The second option entails the group stage matches being split between Pakistan and a neutral venue, with the subsequent stages, including matches involving the Indian team and the final, being held at the neutral venue.

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