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BCCI to conduct an important meeting for rescheduling Pakistan-India World Cup match

BCCI to conduct an important meeting for rescheduling Pakistan-India World Cup match

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has convened an important meeting to discuss the rescheduling of the much-anticipated Pakistan-India World Cup match. The match’s original date, coinciding with the first day of Navratri, a widely celebrated festival in Gujarat, has prompted security agencies to advise BCCI to make adjustments to the itinerary.

To address this concern, the BCCI has called for a meeting in New Delhi, scheduled for tomorrow. During the meeting, they will not only deliberate on the rescheduling matter but also focus on the preparations for this highly anticipated event.

One option under consideration is shifting the high-octane clash from October 15 to October 14, which already has two matches scheduled at the same venue. This decision aims to ensure a smooth and secure experience for players, fans, and all involved.

Additionally, the BCCI will establish a World Cup working group comprising five members, including BCCI President Roger Binny and Secretary Jay Shah. This group will be responsible for coordinating and overseeing all arrangements related to the mega event.

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 schedule includes matches in different venues across India, with each match contributing to the excitement and fervour of the tournament. As the world eagerly awaits this cricketing spectacle, the BCCI is taking proactive steps to ensure the smooth execution of this prestigious event.

Venue vice schedule for World Cup 2023

Venue Date Match
Ahmedabad 5 October England vs New Zealand
Ahmedabad 15 October India vs Pakistan
Ahmedabad 4 November England vs Australia
Ahmedabad 10 November South Africa vs Afghanistan
Ahmedabad 19 November Final
Hyderabad 6 October Pakistan vs Qualifier 1
Hyderabad 9 October New Zealand vs Qualifier 1
Hyderabad 12 October Pakistan vs Qualifier 2
Dharamsala 7 October Bangladesh vs Afghanistan (Day Game)
Dharamsala 10 October England vs Bangladesh
Dharamsala 16 October South Africa vs Qualifier 1
Dharamsala 22 October India vs New Zealand
Dharamsala 29 October Australia vs New Zealand (Day Game)
Delhi 7 October South Africa vs Qualifier 2
Delhi 11 October India vs Afghanistan
Delhi 15 October England vs Afghanistan
Delhi 25 October Australia vs Qualifier 1
Delhi 6 November Bangladesh vs Qualifier 2
Chennai 8 October India vs Australia
Chennai 14 October New Zealand vs Bangladesh (Day Game)
Chennai 18 October New Zealand vs Afghanistan
Chennai 23 October Pakistan vs Afghanistan
Chennai 27 October Pakistan vs South Africa
Lucknow 13 October Australia vs South Africa
Lucknow 17 October Australia vs Qualifier 2
Lucknow 21 October Qualifier 1 vs Qualifier 2 (Day Game)
Lucknow 29 October India vs England
Lucknow 3 November Qualifier 1 vs Afghanistan
Pune 19 October India vs Bangladesh
Pune 30 October Afghanistan vs Qualifier 2
Pune 1 November New Zealand vs South Africa
Pune 8 November England vs Qualifier 1
Pune 12 November Australia vs Bangladesh (Day Game)
Bengaluru 20 October Australia vs Pakistan
Bengaluru 26 October England vs Qualifier 2
Bengaluru 4 November New Zealand vs Pakistan (Day Game)
Bengaluru 9 November New Zealand vs Qualifier 2
Bengaluru 11 November India vs Qualifier 1
Mumbai 21 October England vs South Africa
Mumbai 24 October South Africa vs Bangladesh
Mumbai 2 November India vs Qualifier 2
Mumbai 7 November Australia vs Afghanistan
Mumbai 15 November Semifinal 1
Kolkata 28 October Qualifier 1 vs Bangladesh
Kolkata 31 October Pakistan vs Bangladesh
Kolkata 5 November India vs South Africa
Kolkata 12 November England vs Pakistan
Kolkata 16 November Semifinal 2

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