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Pakistani anchor challenges Harbhajan Singh for a big thing

Pakistani anchor challenges Harbhajan Singh for a big thing

Indian channel ‘Aaj Tak’ invited a guest from neighbouring country Pakistan in their recent show, where he discussed things with former Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh. They had Wasim Badami from ARY News on air, where they disrespected the guest, discussing the BCCI vs PCB debate in a furious manner.

Harbhajan taunted Wasim, indirectly calling the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), which runs with the money of the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI). The chairman of PCB, Ramiz Raja, reckoned BCCI as the cash-rich board last year, but he never meant that the PCB is funded by the Indian board.

Harbhajan made this as a point to taunt the guest, saying Pakistan Cricket runs by BCCI, whereas Indian cricket is independent and does not at all need Pakistan Cricket to survive. He also mentioned that the Indian cricketers have security threats in Pakistan, and this is the reason why secretary BCCI Jay Shah has denied visiting Pakistan for Asia Cup 2023.

Notably, big teams like England have voyaged to Pakistan and found no security concerns on their tours, whereas India are not ready to visit as they do not find themselves safe amidst the multinational tournament. He says if Pakistan does not come to India for World Cup, it will be their own choice, causing them the damage, whereas India will not suffer by any means.

Ramiz Raza had given a statement last year that Pakistan Cricket does not have the kind of money and that they need to look towards the BCCI. Either that or if the BCCI offers PCB money, Pakistan cricket is surviving. If you feel, you don’t want to come to India, please don’t. Who is asking you? If you don’t want to play the ICC event, it’s your call. If our players are not safe there, we won’t send. Don’t play if that’s what you want,”

Of course, we have (security concerns). You tell me that you’ll take the guarantee? Indian cricket can still survive without Pakistan, and if you guys can survive without Indian cricket, do it,”

After Badami challenged Harbhajan, saying that India would come to Pakistan for sure if is an ICC event, Harbhajan softened up, saying that it is the government’s choice and he has nothing to do with it. He further added if the team is given the green signal, they will go for sure.

Harbhajan sahab abhi keh rahe hain, ‘Hum nahi aayenge’. Mera inko challenge hai… agar ICC ka tournament, woh bhi World Cup Pakistan mein hua, ye na aayein toh mujhe batayein (Harbhajan sir is very confidently saying right now that India won’t come to Pakistan. I challenge him… that if a World Cup is held in Pakistan, and the Indian team doesn’t come, we shall see).

The ex-leg-spinner accepted the challenge saying BCCI knows how to run their cricket affairs and they do not need PCB at all. Whether or not Pakistan visit them for any tournament makes no difference to them. All this fuss happened after Jay Shah, the secretary of BCCI, denied visiting Pakistan for Asia Cup 2023, although it was ACC to award them the hosting for next year.

Toh le liya bhai tera challenge (I accept your challenge, buddy). Indian cricket knows how to run their cricket. We don’t need PCB. We have an issue and we have said it. If the government gives the approval, sure.”

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