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Pakistani Cricketers Refuse to Promote Banned Products in T20 Contracts

Cricketing Principles: Pakistani Cricketers Refuse to Promote Banned Products in T20 Contracts

  1. Pakistani cricketers like Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan reject promoting banned products in T20 contracts.
  2. The clause prohibits endorsements related to tobacco, alcohol, betting, pork, and adult entertainment.
  3. Rising sponsorships from surrogate betting companies prompt calls for stricter contract terms and sponsor regulations in Pakistan cricket.

Prominent Pakistani cricketers like Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan have taken a principled stance in their T20 franchise contracts, explicitly disallowing any involvement in promoting banned products. This particular clause unequivocally bars them from endorsing or supporting a range of prohibited items, including tobacco, alcohol, surrogate betting products, pork-related items, and adult entertainment.

Reports from the media suggest that these players are resolute in preventing their images from being associated with these banned products or services, even if it means foregoing any potential financial gain from their respective franchises. Some cricketers have gone a step further, urging the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to incorporate these stringent terms into their central contracts. This comes as a response to the concerning surge in sponsorships from surrogate betting companies in Pakistan.

In a bid to circumvent regulations, certain companies resort to subtle alterations in their names to secure sponsorships, leaving the PCB with limited alternatives. However, there’s a ray of hope as the cricket board has announced that once the ongoing contracts with such sponsors reach their expiration, they won’t be renewed in the future.

Notably, during a recent stint in the Lanka Premier League (LPL), Babar Azam took a stand against displaying the logo of a surrogate betting company on his Colombo Strikers jersey. The skipper had proactively included this condition in his contract with the Colombo Strikers, who commendably honored his request.

As the ninth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) looms on the horizon, potential conflicts may arise due to several franchises’ affiliations with surrogate companies. Franchise owners are keen on seeking guidance from the PCB regarding this matter but are yet to engage in discussions with PCB Chairman, Zaka Ashraf, to address these concerns comprehensively.

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