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Pay us 2.7 Million PKR, Rawalpindi district administration to PCB

Pay us 2.7 Million PKR, Rawalpindi district administration to PCB

Rawalpindi district administration has asked the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to pay back their debts worth 2.7 Million PKR that recently has been spent on the New Zealand Cricket team’s hospitality and security.

As per the administration, a large group of security personnel were hired for the Black Caps who stayed 24/7 with them. From the hotel to the ground and back, the guests were provided with a way more secure environment than their country’s total forces. Moreover, the incurred charges of expensive foods served over a week to Pakistan, and New Zealand members are also included.

The Rawalpindi district administration further told that the security members were deployed on the day when the first encounter of the limited-over series was set to kick start. Notably, NZC pulled themselves out of the tour a few moments before the first ODI started.

PKR 2.7 Million are not only for Biryani: Pak vs NZ

The unjust decision has left an everlasting impact on Pakistan Cricket, the nation’s image that took a decade to rebuild following Sri Lanka Bus Attack in 2009 outside Gadaffi stadium.

Notably, NZC has denied specifying the details of security threats they received from a source still unknown to Pakistan. But, upon investigation, it has been found out that these threats were sent from India using a VPN location of Singapore, operating from Dubai. Check the details here.

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