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PCB agrees to continue The Women’s League, PSL franchises show interest in buying teams

PCB agrees to continue The Women's League, PSL franchises show interest in buying teams

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has shown its dedication to the growth and development of women’s cricket in the country. One of the initiatives it has taken towards this goal is the creation of the Pakistan Women’s League, which was previously known as The Women’s League.

This league will feature four city-based teams with a mix of local and foreign players, and will be a highly competitive domestic league that takes priority in the domestic calendar. The final match, scheduled to take place before the Pakistan Super League (PSL) finals, will be between the top two teams.

The Pakistan Junior League, which provided a pathway for high-performing teenagers across the country, has been discontinued. However, there are plans to revive a junior series on a home-and-away basis.

The idea for The Women’s League, now called the Pakistan Women’s League, was originally proposed by former PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja. It was feared that the new PCB committee, led by Chairman Najam Sethi, would dismiss the idea, just as Sethi had scrapped the Pakistan Junior League. However, the PCB Management Committee, along with the PSL franchises, have expressed interest in supporting the Women’s League.

In conclusion, the PCB’s commitment to the growth and development of women’s cricket in Pakistan is evident through the creation and support of the Pakistan Women’s League. This league, along with the potential revival of a junior series, provides opportunities for women and young players to compete and improve their skills at a high level.

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