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PCB favors favoritism over skill, says Shoaib Malik

PCB favors favoritism over skill, says Shoaib Malik

PCB favors favoritism over skill, says Shoaib Malik

Pakistan’s experienced all-rounder, Shoaib Malik believes that Pakistan Cricket could be improved once the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) starts preferring skill and talent over choosing their favorite players. He believes nepotism is crossing an immeasurable extent where the players are failing to grasp a proper chance utilizing their cricketing skills.

Notably, we have seen many players departing to other countries to play cricket amidst not getting a chance in Pakistan despite consistent performances. A few, such as Mohammad Amir, plan to fly to another country despite being ignored by the PCB’s selection policy preferring favoritism.

PCB favors favoritism over skill, says Shoaib Malik

“We have a system of liking and disliking in our cricket, which is something that is already in the rest of the world as well but appears to be a bit infinite in our culture. Things will progress only when importance is given to skills,”

It is pertinent to mention here that Babar Azam’s statements were all over the internet when he got disappointed for not having a say in the critical decision-making of the policy. He revealed that his opinion is useless as the captain as PCB does not allow him to choose the players. You can read the details here. Using this as an example, Malik added that PCB does not let even the captain present his opinion.

He reckoned that Babar would be accountable for any up or down in the ground and can judge the conditions better. Hence, he should have every right to choose the squad.

“In the recent squad there were many players who Babar [Azam] aspired to pick, but they weren’t chosen. Everyone has their opinions but the final decision on selection should be that of the captain because it’s he who will scrap it out on the ground with his team,”

We have perceived that Shoaib Malik has not been a section of the Pakistan Cricket team for a long tenure. He uttered that he will have no griefs if the PCB does not elect him for further series but at least he has conversed in favor of the candidates who are sitting home being ostracized by the PCB.

“I will have no regrets if I am not asked to play again, but I would have felt more regret if I had not spoken up on behalf of my fellow cricketers,”

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