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Pakistan Cricket Board Reveals Match Officials Panel for 2023-24 Season

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The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) made an announcement on Tuesday regarding the panel of match officials for the upcoming 2023-24 season. This season is set to witness a significant expansion, with regional and departmental teams returning after a four-year absence.

Exciting Season Ahead with Increased Matches

In contrast to the previous season, where 97 First XI matches were held, the 2023-24 season promises an impressive total of approximately 200 matches. The expanded season aims to accommodate the enhanced requirements and allow for the participation of more match officials.

Boosting Opportunities and Benefits

To facilitate these changes, the PCB has not only increased the number of match officials in each category but has also enhanced the earning potential for the officials. The monthly retainers for the elite and supplementary panel have been raised by 20 percent, ensuring improved compensation for their valuable services. Additionally, the match fees, daily allowances, and retirement benefits of the officials have all seen a similar increase of 20 percent.

Panel of Match Officials

The PCB has established multiple panels of match officials to oversee the matches and ensure fair play throughout the season. These panels include:

PCB Elite Panel of Match Referees (13):

  1. Aleem Khan Moosa (Karachi)
  2. Ali Naqvi (Lahore)
  3. Athar Laiq (Karachi)
  4. Bilal Moinul Haq Khiljee (Lahore)
  5. Iftikhar Ahmed (Karachi)
  6. Kamran Chaudhry (Lahore)
  7. Khalid Jamshed (Lahore)
  8. Muhammad Anees (Lahore)
  9. Muhammad Aslam (Quetta)
  10. Muhammad Iqbal Sheikh (Hyderabad)
  11. Muhammad Javed Malik (Multan)
  12. Nadeem Arshad (Faisalabad)
  13. Sohail Idrees (Lahore)

PCB Elite Panel of Umpires (23):

  1. Abdul Moqeet (Lahore)
  2. Aleem Dar (Lahore)
  3. Aley Haider (Karachi)
  4. Asif Yaqoob (Islamabad)
  5. Aslam Bareach (Quetta)
  6. Faisal Khan Afridi (Sargodha)
  7. Farooq Ali Khan (Abbottabad)
  8. Ghulam Sarwar (Sibi)
  9. Imran Jawed (Karachi)
  10. Imranullah Aslam (Bahawalpur)
  11. Kashif Sohail (Khanewal)
  12. Majid Hussain (AJK)
  13. Muhammad Asif (Lahore)
  14. Muhammad Sajid (Charsadda)
  15. Nasir Hussain (Lahore)
  16. Qaiser Khan (Lahore)
  17. Rashid Riaz Waqar (Lahore)
  18. Saqib Khan (Abbottabad)
  19. Shozab Raza (Lahore)
  20. Syed Imtiaz Iqbal (Karachi)
  21. Tariq Rasheed (Lahore)
  22. Waleed Yaqub (Lahore)
  23. Zulfiqar Jan (Charsadda)

PCB Supplementary Panel of Match Referees (11):

  1. Abu-al-Hasnat Rao (Lahore)
  2. Ahmer Saeed (Karachi)
  3. Ali Gohar (Karachi)
  4. Allah Ditto (Islamabad)
  5. Fazal Akbar Shah (Peshawar)
  6. Ghulam Mustafa (Kasur)
  7. Inamullah Khan (Lahore)
  8. Muhammad Amiruddin Ansari (Karachi)
  9. Saman Zulfiqar (Sheikhupura)
  10. Samiul Haq (Faisalabad)
  11. Sohail Khan (Lahore)

PCB Supplementary Panel of Umpires (28):

  1. Abdul Karim (Naseerabad)
  2. Aftab Hussain Gillani (Bahawalpur)
  3. Ahmed Nadeem (Peshawar)
  4. Ahmed Shahab (Lahore)
  5. Aqeel Aadil Khan (Karachi)
  6. Asif Farooq Awan (Gujranwala)
  7. Dilshad Ali (Multan)
  8. Haroon Malik (Sargodha)
  9. Hashim Ali (Lodhran)
  10. Hassan Mahmood (Lahore)
  11. Irfan Haider (Islamabad)
  12. Kamran Khalil (Lahore)
  13. Khalid Mehmood Snr. (Karachi)
  14. Mir Dad (Islamabad)
  15. Muhammad Basit (Lahore)
  16. Muhammad Fayyaz (Peshawar)
  17. Muhammad Imran (Sargodha)
  18. Muhammad Irfan Dilshad (Lahore)
  19. Muhammad Kaleem (Lahore)
  20. Muhammad Waqas (Lahore)
  21. Qaiser Waheed (Lahore)
  22. Rafiq Ahmad (Dadu)
  23. Rana Muhammad Arshad (Faisalabad)
  24. Raza Asghar (Sheikhupura)
  25. Saleem Butt (Rawalpindi)
  26. Sultan Mahmood (Loralai)
  27. Syed Fahim Ahmed Bukhari (Karachi)
  28. Waqar Ahmed (Islamabad)

PCB Development Panel of Umpires (40):

  1. Aamer Atta (DG Khan)
  2. Abdul Qayoom (Karachi)
  3. Abdul Wasay (Kohat)
  4. Abrar Ahmed (Kasur)
  5. Adnan Rashid (Lahore)
  6. Ajmal Khan (Swat)
  7. Akhtar Ali (Karachi)
  8. Anser Mahmood (Pattoki)
  9. Asim Alvi (Karachi)
  10. Farooq Anwar Bajwa (Faisalabad)
  11. Farooq Jan (Charsadda)
  12. Ghayyur Hussain (Peshawar)
  13. Hameed Khan (Quetta)
  14. Hidayatullah (Pishin)
  15. Jaffar Hussain (Peshawar)
  16. Jamshid Hussain (Peshawar)
  17. Khalid Mahmood Jnr. (Quetta)
  18. Khalil Ahmad Siddiqi (Kasur)
  19. Maqbool Ahmed (Faisalabad)
  20. Mesam Turabi (Gujjar Khan)
  21. Muhammad Aamir Sharif (Kohat)
  22. Muhammad Arif (DI Khan)
  23. Muhammad Yousaf (DG Khan)
  24. Mumtaz Ali (Loralai)
  25. Munir Ahmed (Kasur)
  26. Naik Muhammad (Kohat)
  27. Nasar Khan (Mardan)
  28. Naseer Ahmed (Chakwal)
  29. Naushad Khan (Peshawar)
  30. Naveed Khan (Nowshera)
  31. Noor ul Hakam (Buner)
  32. Raweed Khan (Charsadda)
  33. Sagheer Ahmed (Lahore)
  34. Saifullah Khan (Sargodha)
  35. Shahid Qayyum (Faisalabad)
  36. Shamim Ansari (Karachi)
  37. Sohail Khan (Charssada)
  38. Sohail Zaman Khattak (Peshawar)
  39. Waqas Zeb (Lahore)
  40. Zeeshan Arif (Mirpur, AJK)

PCB Women’s Panel of Umpires (7):

  1. Afia Amin (Lahore)
  2. Humairah Farah (Lahore)
  3. Nazia Nazir (Lahore)
  4. Riffat Mustafa (Kasur)
  5. Sabahat Rasheed (Lahore)
  6. Saleema Imtiaz (Karachi)
  7. Shakila Rafiq (Kasur)

ICC International Panel of Match Officials (6): Umpires:

  1. Aleem Dar (Lahore)
  2. Asif Yaqoob (Islamabad)
  3. Rashid Riaz Waqar (Lahore)
  4. Faisal Khan Afridi (Sargodha)

Match Referees:

  1. Muhammad Javed Malik (Multan)
  2. Ali Naqvi (Lahore)

With the PCB’s comprehensive selection of match officials for the 2023-24 season, fans can look forward to an action-packed and well-officiated tournament.

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