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PM Modi Promotes Snow Cricket in Kashmir

PM Modi Promotes Snow Cricket in Kashmir

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has urged tourists visiting Kashmir to attend the Winter Games, which features the theme of snow cricket. Modi said that this game is an exciting extension of the Khelo India Movement, the government’s program to revive the sports culture in India at the grass-root level.

During his latest ‘Man Ki Baat’ episode, Modi emphasized on the search for young players in Kashmir who will represent the Indian team in the future. “Winter Games were organized in Syedabad, Kashmir. The theme of these Games was – Snow Cricket! You might think Snow Cricket would be a very exciting game -and you are absolutely right.

Kashmiri youth make cricket even more amazing in the snow. Through this, there is also a search for young players in Kashmir, who will later play as Team India. In a way, this is also an extension of the Khelo India Movement,” Modi said during his 97th edition of radio address, ‘Man Ki Baat’. He also pointed out the enthusiasm among Kashmiri youth and asked the visitors to join them to make their trips more memorable.

“In Kashmir, there is a lot of enthusiasm among the youth regarding sports. In the coming times, many of these youth will win medals for the country, and will hoist the tricolour. I would suggest that the next time you plan a trip to Kashmir, take out time to visit such events. These experiences will make your trip even more memorable,” he further added.

Abdul Samad and Umran Malik: Rising Cricketing Talents from Jammu and Kashmir

The cricketing debate between Pakistan and India over the region of Kashmir has been a contentious issue for decades. The two nations have had a bitter rivalry on the field, and their political differences have often spilled over into the sport. Pakistan has consistently accused India of using cricket as a political tool to assert its control over the region which is understood to be true.

While India has denied these allegations, it has also stated that it will not play cricket against Pakistan until the latter stops sponsoring terrorism in the region. The situation has become even more complicated in recent years due to the ongoing political turmoil in the region. The rise of young cricketing talents like Umran Malik and Abdul Samad from Jammu and Kashmir may further fuel the debate as they represent India in the sport.

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