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PSL 2021: Does Shaheen deserve slams on Sarfaraz vs Shaheen combat?

PSL 2021: Fans react to Sarfaraz vs Shaheen combat

PSL 2021: Fans react to Sarfaraz vs Shaheen combat

Isn’t a bowler allotted to bowl a bouncer to his seniors? It is indeed a game of spirit where two people are deemed to play their natural game with the utmost respect towards each other. A batsman is not reckoned to supervise the bowler concerning what sort of deliveries he should bowl rather he should focus with his cerebrum on what shot he shall play including how to save him from the firing bouncers.

A similar incident happened in the LQ vs QG encounter as the PSL 6 commences in the second phase. With Sarfaraz Ahmed on the crease facing Lahore Qalandars’ pacer, Shaheen Shah Afridi, faced a huge bouncer from him that stuck his helmet hard. The delivery fumed the Gladiators’ skipper, who told Shaheen to ‘slow down’ via verbal and expression terms. The sign was not much adored by the bowler, who turned back aggressively towards the Gladiator’s skipper to answer.

Watch the video:

The masses are not loving the act as the video went viral on social forums. People believe that Shaheen should have bowled a half volley to Sarfaraz being the senior skipper. Notably, the Shaheen-Sarfaraz duo share charm moments on the men in green’s field as the 34-years-old have led the bowler in the national realm.

Opined, the bowler should have turned it down rather than showing aggression on Sarfaraz being his senior and first skipper. Also, it must be a bowler’s wish to choose whatever delivery he wants to throw towards a specific batter.

Here are the mixed reactions of Twitterati but the major ones speak in favor of the skipper.

PSL 2021: Fans react to Sarfaraz vs Shaheen combat

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