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Public thinks we are enemy, says Amir on his relationship with Babar

Public thinks we are enemy, says Amir on his relationship with Babar

Former Pakistani fast bowler Mohammad Amir has offered his reaction to Shahid Afridi’s previous statement, where the latter claimed to have scolded Amir. The incident in question occurred during the 2023 edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), when Amir had a heated moment with Pakistan captain Babar Azam during a match between Karachi Kings and Peshawar Zalmi. This particular match, being the first of the tournament, witnessed Amir throwing the ball towards Azam in frustration after the batsman played a defensive shot.

Amir faced significant criticism from fans on social media for his actions during the match. Afridi also shared his perspective on the incident during an interview on a local channel. He mentioned that he had sent a text to Amir, where he both scolded and advised the bowler.

“I talked to him respectfully, but I also scolded him. I told Amir, ‘what do you want?’. You have gained so much respect, you faced a blot on your reputation, and from there, you made a return. You got a new life, in a way. What are you even trying to do?” Afridi stated.

He further added, “If you want to play for Pakistan, you have to play alongside Babar only. Will you be able to look him in the eye? Can you play under his captaincy? Focus on your performance, control your aggression, and go back home peacefully.”

After a considerable four-month period, Amir finally responded to Afridi’s remarks during an interview with a local channel. When asked about the incident, he clarified the content of Afridi’s message.

“I received his message but this wasn’t it. He only praised my bowling and inquired about my injury. But the things like ‘how will you face Babar’… this wasn’t in his texts at all. What harm have I caused Babar or vice-versa? I found it very weird,” Amir explained.

He continued, “I don’t know what he was thinking when he said that. I guess he speaks a little quickly, so he might have mistakenly said that. Babar and I have a mutual understanding and respect. He never bad-mouthed me, and the same goes for me. But the public thinks we are enemies. It was never like that.”

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