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Quaid e Azam trophy finalists expelled from hotel

Quaid e Azam trophy finalists expelled from hotel

Northern and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, who are the finalists of the ongoing Quaid e Azam trophy, have been kicked out of the five-star hotel by the management in which the participants were staying from the event’s kick-start.

Not only the players, but the officials were expelled from the hotel that was booked till 22nd December on Club Road. The further booking for the finalists was not done in advanced, hence, they were left out on the streets.

The reports state the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) told the hotel management that the booking for 22nd December will be confirmed after the previous booking is cancel due to the arrival of the large group.

The board’s negligence has cost the players as it perceived the booking has been confirmed. The lack of communication between two parties has created a whole drama in Pakistan Cricket fraternity.

Ramiz Raja, the chairman of the PCB says the investigators are inquruing why players and officials were vocate from the hotel.

The board took notice of the incident and arranged another hotel momentarily for the finalists of the Quaid e Azam trophy. However, with no option left, the bio bubble had to be compromised.

The final of the hyped first-class event is set to kick-start from 25th December at 10:00 AM PST at National Stadium Karachi.

Raja also shed light on PCB’s plans to build club houses and five-star hotels near the National Stadium Karachi.

“We have plans to construct a clubhouse near National Stadium for players and fans engagement,”

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