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Quetta’s defeats are not Sarfaraz’s fault

Quetta's defeats are not Sarfaraz's fault

Quetta’s defeats are not Sarfaraz’s fault

Match defeats are often considered as the fault of the captain, but does not do team efforts matter? And what will be the plot when the NSK pitch is helping out for the chasing teams?

Since the inaugural match of the HBL PSL 6, we have seen that the teams that win the toss, win the game too. This is because the batsmen are getting a lot of help to score big in their first innings. The target is laster easily chased in the next inning with the bowlers suffering a lot.

No matter how high the target is, the NSK pitch is batting-friendly and flops for the bowlers to dig out most of it. Quetta Gladiators, the unlucky lad, have lost the toss in all the four games they played.

Losing the toss means losing the game as their opponents had elected to bowl first in all four encounters. The helpless pitch in the second inning has cost the Sarfaraz-led side trying to concede as few runs as possible.

Quetta’s defeats are not Sarfaraz’s fault

Sarfaraz Ahmed, a dedicated man towards cricket, is seeing a downfall since the last few games. After his downfall, his career was decided by the management on behalf of a few games.

Despite supporting the hero who won them the ICC U19 World Cup, Champions Trophy 2017, and one PSL trophy, they led him down to the dungeon.

The consequences led to the extent where he was sacked from the captaincy of all formats and later from the squad. Despite his return to the team that came on behalf of his domestic performances, he is yet to make it in the playing XI.

However, as the PSL 2020 did not go well for the captain, PSL 2021 is not going impressive so far. The results vary as all the blame goes to the National Stadium, Karachi’s pitch, and a few of the bowlers conceding extras such as Dale Steyn, Usman Khan Shinwari.


He has been leading from the front and has touched score crossing the 5o boundary line-up. Giving everything along with an aggressive approach to his team on-field, he is failing because of losing the toss and poor bowling.

As Quetta Gladiators stood against Islamabad United in the twelfth match of the HBL PSL 6, Sarfaraz and co had to lose because of not conquering the toss.

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