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Ramiz Raja assures ‘gradual’ outcomes to fans

Ramiz Raja assures gradual outcomes to fans

The chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Ramiz Raja, has assured gradual results to the fans and says that the upcoming generation of cricketers will be stronger than the current one. His statements came after Pakistan lost a T20I series by 4-3 against England on their home soil. He has mentioned that the board is working on a process that will change things slowly.

Pakistan Cricket Team has been portraying poor showcases from the last T20Is. They failed to manage things against the England side, lacking most of the senior batters and sustained plenty of runs. Later, the batters mismanaged to chase, departing early. Also, the middle-order has been a legit issue to discuss.

Considering the things, the PCB chairman asked the fans to support the team rather than lashing at it since he believes results do not come overnight. He feels to be a terrific line-up like Australia will take time but is not impossible. His statements read,

“Our team has a wonderful winning percentage in the last 12 months. They have won 80 percent of their matches which is quite impressive,”

“These players have redefined themselves during last two years. We can’t press a button and start playing aggressive cricket like Australia. I know there are mistakes but this team needs backing,”

“We are working on the process; results will come gradually,”

He cited his dream project, PJL will dig out the best of talent, as his motive has been to provide opportunities to deserving U19 cricketers. Ramiz is optimistic that PJL talent will soon dominate on an international level. While assuring results, he quoted,

“But, I can promise you, the next generation of cricketers will be strong than ever. Pakistan Junior League will establish ready-to-go players for international cricket. We will give ample opportunities to our players, and you will see results,”

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