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Ramiz Raja drags NZC matter to ICC

Ramiz Raja drags NZC matter to ICC

Friday has not showered blessings when it comes to the Pakistan Cricket fraternity. As the New Zealand Cricket (NZC) has called off their ongoing tour to Pakistan, the men in green’s patriots and followers are fumed up.

If the reason was legit, calling off the tour would have made sense. But, for all the three-match ODIs, five-match T20Is, got expelled, the acceptance is out of understanding.

They said that ‘security’ threats are the concern. But what? Which concerns? The PCB already assured them of zero threats. Also, NZC security experts voyaged Pakistan themselves before giving green signals to the tour. Hence, the last moment withdrawal makes no sense.

If security was the legit issue, they could have denied playing earlier but cancelling the entire tour believing in ‘unauthentic’ sources, was not a justified act to prevail.

They did the action but they do not have an idea of the reaction. What it feels like to be a Pakistan Cricket fan? Fans have taken it to social media to ease their burdened hearts. Not only fans but the cricket-related bodies, national or international, who feel for Pakistan, are favouring men in green.

The return of cricket in Pakistan was not easy. It has taken years of struggle for the PCB to do so. Denying the tour at the last minute means disrupting the image across the world for no appropriate reasons.

Despite all the clarification and assurance, NZC chose to call off the tour. Ramiz Raja, the newly elected chairman of the PCB, has decided to take the matter to the International Cricket Council (ICC).

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