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Ramiz Raja lashes out at Najam Sethi for racism

Contributions of Ramiz Raja to Pakistan Cricket

  • Former PCB chairman Ramiz Raja criticizes current head Najam Sethi’s discrimination between foreign and local coaches.
  • Raja argues against the notion that local coaches engage in politics and favoritism.
  • PCB’s appointment of Grant Bradburn as head coach and Raja’s criticism of the decision.

In a recent development, former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ramiz Raja has taken a dig at the current head of the cricket setup, Najam Sethi, for his alleged discrimination between foreign and local coaches. Raja expressed his disagreement with Sethi’s statement that local coaches engage in favoritism and nepotism, while foreign coaches do not.

Former PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja Criticizes Discrimination Against Local Coaches

Sethi, who assumed the role for the third time in December last year, had made remarks implying that local coaches in Pakistan lack professionalism. He stated, “Superstars in Pakistan can’t be coaching players. A foreign coach won’t do nepotism and favoritism, but our local coaches do that because it’s in our culture.”

Responding to Sethi’s remarks, Raja voiced his discontent, emphasizing the importance of utilizing Pakistani coaches. He criticized the idea of undermining local coaches and urged for their recognition and respect. Raja argued against the notion that local coaches engage in politics and are ineffective, stating that such a perception is unjust.

Highlighting the PCB’s decision to appoint Grant Bradburn as the head coach, Raja questioned the choice, noting Bradburn’s lack of experience outside the cricket circuit. He expressed concern that the appointment might have been influenced by Bradburn’s nationality, suggesting that the PCB believed a foreign coach would be immune to engaging in political activities. Raja criticized this mindset as being narrow and lacking depth.

The PCB recently confirmed the appointment of Bradburn as the head coach of the national men’s team for a two-year period. Bradburn, who previously served as the fielding coach for Pakistan from 2018 to 2020, will work under the guidance of team director Mickey Arthur. Additionally, Andrew Puttick, a former South African cricketer, has been appointed as the batting coach, while Drikus Saaiman and Cliffe Deacon will continue their roles as strength and conditioning coach and physiotherapist, respectively.

The debate surrounding the discrimination between foreign and local coaches in Pakistani cricket continues to draw attention. While Najam Sethi’s remarks have sparked criticism from Ramiz Raja, the PCB’s decision to appoint Grant Bradburn as head coach reflects their strategy for the national team. It remains to be seen how these developments will impact the future of coaching in Pakistan cricket.

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