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Rashid Latif takes a dig at Ahmed Shehzad

Rashid Latif takes a dig at Ahmed Shehzad

In a recent media appearance, former Pakistan cricketer Rashid Latif made a subtle yet pointed comment directed at a certain Pakistan opener, sparking speculation among social media users that he was referring to Ahmad Shahzad.

Latif drew attention to the prevalence of PR campaigns on social media and specifically highlighted an opener with a remarkably low strike rate in ODIs, hovering around 70. Despite this statistic, Latif observed that there are individuals actively promoting and supporting this player.

Rashid Latif says PR campaign is running for Ahmed Shehzad

Latif’s statement shed light on the current landscape of social media, where PR campaigns often play a significant role in shaping public opinion. He emphasized the need for players to maintain a level-headed approach and refrain from engaging in media confrontations with fellow players. Latif stated, “We don’t counter them on media because they are also players like us.”

The speculation surrounding Ahmad Shahzad arises from his recent presence in batting practice videos circulating on social media platforms. Additionally, Shahzad’s ODI strike-rate of 72.08 aligns with the context provided by Latif’s remarks.

In response to the criticism directed towards him, Shahzad addressed the issue during a local YouTube podcast. He defended his relatively lower strike-rate by attributing it to the challenging conditions in venues like Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, where he has played a significant portion of his cricket. Shahzad expressed optimism about the return of cricket to Pakistan, emphasizing that playing on home grounds could potentially lead to improved statistics for national players.

The exchange between Latif and Shahzad highlights the ongoing discussions and debates within the cricketing community. While Latif’s veiled jab sparked interest and speculation, Shahzad’s response provided insight into his perspective and the factors he believes contribute to his performance. As social media continues to play a significant role in shaping narratives, it remains to be seen how these conversations will unfold and impact the perception of players in the cricketing world.

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