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Ravi Bishnoi becomes World No. 1 T20I bowler with 21 T20Is and 34 wickets

Ravi Bishnoi becomes World No. 1 T20I bowler with 21 T20Is and 34 wickets

  • Ravi Bishnoi becomes World No. 1 T20I bowler, raising questions about ICC ranking system.
  • Fans criticize the apparent inconsistency and transparency in the rankings, especially for Indian players.
  • Bishnoi’s rapid ascent, with only 21 T20Is, sparks debate as experienced bowlers trail behind.

The ICC ranking system, designed to objectively assess player performances, has come under scrutiny, particularly in light of Ravi Bishnoi’s recent ascent to the top spot in the T20 International bowler rankings. Bishnoi’s remarkable performance in the India vs. Australia 5-match T20I series, where he claimed nine wickets with an average of 18.22 and an economy rate of 8.20, played a pivotal role in India’s 4-1 series victory.

While Bishnoi’s achievement is commendable, fans are raising questions about the transparency and consistency of the ICC’s calculation formula. Some critics argue that certain Indian players seem to benefit from a different set of criteria, challenging the integrity of the ranking system.

The comparison with experienced bowlers adds complexity to the debate. Despite playing only 21 T20Is, Bishnoi now holds the top spot with 699 rating points, surpassing the likes of Rashid Khan (692 points) and Wanindu Hasaranga (679 points), who have significantly more T20I matches under their belts.

Bishnoi’s rapid rise in the rankings, particularly after the 1st T20I where he conceded 54 runs for one wicket, has sparked scepticism. Fans recall a similar questioning of the ranking system when Suryakumar Yadav surpassed Mohammad Rizwan in T20Is, adding to the perception that the system might favour certain players without a clear explanation.

As debates on the fairness and credibility of the ICC ranking system continue, cricket enthusiasts are calling for greater transparency and consistency in how player performances are evaluated to ensure a level playing field for all athletes, regardless of their nationality or experience.

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