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Former Captain Reveals Surprising Truth About India-Pakistan Cricketers

Former Captain Reveals Surprising Truth About India-Pakistan Cricketers

Former Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed recently shared his thoughts on the relationship between Indian and Pakistani cricketers during a meet and greet event in Houston, Texas. According to Sarfaraz, the relationship between the players from both nations has always been positive, attributing it to their frequent encounters on the cricket field in the past.

He said,

“The relationship between India and Pakistani players has always been good. We used to play each other often in the past, which improved the relationship between the players.”

Due to strained political relations between the two countries, India has not toured Pakistan since 2008. The last bilateral series between the arch-rivals took place in 2012 when Pakistan visited India for limited-overs matches. In recent years, their encounters have been limited to ICC and ACC events.

Sarfaraz Ahmed hopeful about Pakistan lifting ICC another trophy in India

Expressing hope for the future, Sarfaraz believes that Pakistan has the potential to lift another trophy in a mega event ahead of the 2023 World Cup in India. He mentioned the joy of winning the 2017 Champions Trophy as a significant moment for the players and expressed optimism about future success.

During the event, Sarfaraz also praised former Pakistan wicketkeeper Moin Khan as his role model when he started his cricketing career. He acknowledged the inspiration that Indian cricketing legend MS Dhoni has become for cricketers worldwide.

Reflecting on his own career, Sarfaraz highlighted winning the U19 World Cup and the Champions Trophy as the most memorable moments. As one of Pakistan’s successful captains, he led the team from 2016 to 2019, guiding them to their first-ever Champions Trophy victory in 2017. His captaincy also saw Pakistan achieve a record-breaking streak of 11 consecutive T20I series wins.

Sarfaraz’s insights shed light on the positive camaraderie shared by Indian and Pakistani cricketers despite the political tensions between their countries. It reinforces the notion that cricket has the power to bridge divides and foster mutual respect and friendship among players from different nations.

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