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Renowned England cricketer investigated for racism charges

Renowned England cricketer investigated for racism charges

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) is currently investigating a ‘high-profile’ cricketer for allegedly calling his mater P***. The sources have denied revealing the name, but it has been assured that he is a world-class renowned player. According to the details, the player might have to pay hefty charges (monetary or non-monetary) for his actions.

ECB has been taking measures to eradicate racism from the system, but every next time, a new player is accused of racist actions. This time, the racism reported as committed by an international cricketer has let ECB look for more witnesses. It has been reported that the victim of racism was called P*** by the specific player multiple times between 2014-16.

The Player’s action might drop him to serious consequences since ECB has been taking strict action against racist parties over the last few years. According to further details, the player used this word once again while the two were playing a football match.

One of the ECB’s spokespersons narrated,

“We do not comment on who is or isn’t the subject of ECB investigations in situations such as this,”

England Cricket Team is currently busy preparing for the ICC T20 World Cup 2022 in Australia. Recently, they defeated Pakistan in a seven-match T20I series by 4-3 in men in green’s own realms. Prior to the World Cup, they will also engage in a three-match practice series.

As far as the T2o World Cup is concerned, they will play the team’s opener against Afghanistan on the 22nd of October in Perth. Johhny Bairstow’s absence can be a huge setback for them on various occasions. Notably, it will be Jos Buttler’s first mega event as a skipper after Eoin Morgan’s retirement.

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