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Rizwan Gifts Holy Quran to Harvard Business School’s Teacher

Rizwan Gifts Holy Quran to Harvard Business School's Teacher

Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan, two renowned Pakistani cricketers, recently made history by participating in Harvard Business School’s executive education program, focusing on The Business of Entertainment, Media, and Sports (BEMS). During the program held from May 31 to June 3, the duo attended classes on the prestigious Harvard campus in Boston, Massachusetts.

While Babar and Rizwan are celebrated for their exceptional performances on the cricket field, their participation in the program highlights their diverse interests and qualities. Rizwan, in particular, is known for spreading the message of Islam through his speeches at various mosques during cricket tours, showcasing his commitment to his faith and its values.

On the program’s final day, Rizwan went above and beyond by presenting a Holy Quran as a gift to his teacher from the Harvard Business School’s executive education program. This gesture not only expressed his gratitude but also exemplified his dedication to his beliefs.

Meanwhile, Babar’s presence at Harvard had a captivating effect on his classmates. A fellow female student shared a photo on social media, playfully captioned, “Finding my next career as a cricket player.” This lighthearted comment reflects the impact Babar’s passion and cricketing prowess have had on those around him. By engaging with his classmates and igniting their interest in the sport, Babar fostered a sense of camaraderie and potentially sparked a newfound passion for cricket among his peers.

This groundbreaking initiative taken by Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan is poised to inspire a new generation of cricketers to pursue education alongside their sporting careers. By embracing opportunities for personal growth and professional development, they are setting a remarkable example and encouraging others to combine their passion for sports with a well-rounded education.

The duo’s participation in the Harvard BEMS program not only elevates their own profiles but also emphasizes the significance of continuous learning and the intersection of sports and business. Their journey highlights the value of pursuing diverse interests and expanding horizons, inspiring aspiring cricketers to embark on a similar path of knowledge and excellence.

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