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‘Personal na ho zada ap’, Sarfaraz Ahmed bashes at a female journalist

'Personal na ho zada ap', Sarfaraz Ahmed bashes at a female journalist

Aalia Rasheed, the renowned sports journalist, was spotted tiptoeing in the friendly conversation of Pakistani cricketers, Sarfaraz Ahmed, Shadab Khan, and Hasan Ali, over which, she was bashed by the former captain.

Sarfaraz’s wife, Khushbakht posted a video of her husband baking pasta. Shadab, in a quote retweet, wrote to his skipper, Bhabi aty sath he hamry kaptaan ko KaAM paar laga dEya

Translation: You (Sarfaraz’s wife) made him work as soon as he returned.

To his retweet, Hasan responded, ‘Captan ya wala talent hume btya hi ni ap na’.

Translation: Captain, you never told us about this talent.

Shadab penned, ‘Next chai Captan saay banwny hai’.

Translation: Captain will make the next tea.

Aalia, from nowhere, wandered in the midst of the buddy-buddy convo that triggered out Ahmed’s anger. The aggressive captain bashed straight at her saying she should not have stepped in between.

He also wrote that Aalia should be limited to cricket as the ongoing conversation between them was regarding their personal domestic lives.

Sarfaraz added that she should not be too personal to intrude between the mates’ chats and comments.

She wrote, ‘O bhai, hath hola rakho, paani pilanay per aasman toot para thaa, abb chai bhee banwao gai’.

Translation: O brother, keep your hands light, the sky was broken after the water incident, now you are asking for tea.

‘Personal na ho zada ap’, Sarfaraz Ahmed bashes at a female journalist

Sarfaraz furiously wrote, Baat kiya ho rahe hai aur ap kiya baat kar rahe hai Pehle baat apko is conversation me aana nahe chahiye tha yaha circket nahe chal rahe hai .behtar hai apne Rai circket pe rakhe to zada behtar hoga personal na ho zada ap.

Translation: What we are talking about and what you are talking. Firstly, you should not have stepped in this conversation. We are not discussing cricket here. It will be better if you will keep your opinion limited to cricket. Don’t be so personal. 

Here are the consequent tweets:

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