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Sehwag reveals player who partied more than practicing

Sehwag reveals player who partied more than practicing

Australia’s David Warner has always been one of the run machines, very well drilled in the Indian Premier League (IPL), however, he did not have sound inception, failing to score runs in the second season of the extravaganza. The batter, who paved his way in the league in 2009, was not too disciplined and had quarrels with Virender Sehwag as revealed by the former Indian skipper.

According to Sehwag, Warner needed discipline and gave a tough time to the team management. The Aussie batter did not have a great start to his IPL career with Delhi Daredevils (now Delhi Capitals) but now ranks among the finest top-scorers settling against quality bowlers.

Sehwag has revealed that it was quite hard for Warner on the practising track since he loved partying more than the game. Moreover, as per the revelations, the batsman was even sent back for the last two matches due to his discipline issues triggering fights between the players.

Warner loved partying more than practicing – Sehwag

Talking to Cricbuzz, the former IPL player said,

“I too have vented out my frustrations on a couple of players and David Warner was one of them. Because when he had joined newly, he partied more than believing in practice or playing matches. In the first year, he had a fight with a few players so we sent him back for the last two matches,”

He further told that Warner was kept away to teach him a lesson that he is not the only essential part of the team, but the teamwork together matters. Sehwag stated his team also won the match when the Aussie was out.

“Sometimes it happens that you keep someone out to teach them a lesson. He was new so it was important to show him that you alone are not important for the team, others are too. There are other players who can play and win the match for the team too. And that’s what happened. We kept him out of the team and won as well,”

Notably, the Sun Risers Hyderabad (SRH) do not only sack him as the skipper last year but dropped him from the playing XI too. Warner believes how his bat is talking for Delhi again is a perfect revenge. He scored an unbeaten 92 versus his ex-team, visibly with joy.

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