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Shahnawaz Dahani’s tweets: Justified or not?

Shahnawaz Dahani

The recent actions of Pakistani fast bowler Shahnawaz Dahani have raised questions about his behavior and response to not being included in the squad for the upcoming Asia Cup and Afghanistan series. Dahani’s frustration with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and the selectors was evident when he expressed his disappointment publicly.

In contrast to his cricketing prowess, Dahani’s tweets regarding his exclusion from the squad have sparked debates. His actions took an unexpected turn when he chose to share his List-A career stats alongside a pointed remark, suggesting that he was overlooked unjustly: “Seems as if Dahani is not a Pakistani pacer??” This approach, while reflecting his frustration, might not have been the most constructive way to address the issue.

Former wicketkeeper-batter Rashid Latif entered the fray by posting a picture showcasing the List-A career stats of the selected fast bowlers. This seemingly innocuous act ignited a broader conversation about the selection process. However, Dahani’s response overshadowed the discussion, as his tweet took a confrontational stance instead of opening a dialogue.

Here is what Shahnawaz Dahani said

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Moreover, Dahani’s criticism extended to sports journalists, accusing them of not holding the selectors accountable. He expressed his disappointment that no cricket analyst or journalist had questioned the selectors based on his statistics, thus implying a failure in sports journalism. However, it’s crucial to consider whether public shaming through social media is the right approach to drive change in this context.

In a change of heart, Dahani later deleted his tweets. This decision could be attributed to various factors, including the realization that his initial approach might have been counterproductive or a result of guidance from within the cricketing community.

On the backdrop of Dahani’s actions, the PCB unveiled the squad for the upcoming series. The selection process, led by newly-appointed chief selector Inzamam-ul-Haq, was revealed in a press conference. The squad is set to compete against Afghanistan and in the Asia Cup, with an 18-player lineup initially taking on Afghanistan. Notably, the squad will be reduced to 17 players for the Asia Cup, a testament to the competitive nature of the selection.

The squad’s composition follows consultations involving multiple stakeholders, including the national men’s selection committee, Pakistan cricket captain Babar Azam, and other notable figures such as Mickey Arthur, Grant Bradburn, and Hassan Cheema. This collaborative approach indicates a concerted effort to ensure that the team is well-prepared and represents the best available talent.

Several players secured their positions through remarkable performances. Saud Shakeel’s consistent form in the Test series against Sri Lanka earned him a spot, alongside Tayyab Tahir, who showcased his skills with a century in the Emerging Asia Cup final against India. Additionally, Faheem Ashraf’s return to the ODI squad after a hiatus highlights the dynamic nature of team selections.

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