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Shane Warne was dating world’s hottest grandma before his death

shane warne gina stewart

On March 4th, 2022, world cricket lost its most valuable bowling asset, Australia’s Shane Warne. He died of a sudden heart attack in his villa in Thailand. Not only his family members but fans and experts from all across the world grieved the sudden loss. Although the chapter of his death is gradually vanishing, a newcomer to mourn, the celebrity of Australia Onlyfan, Gina Stewart, has come forward with a big claim.

According to her latest social media posts, she was dating the late Shane Warne. The couple started talking in 2018 and finally met after a cricket match at Gold Coast. They spent their first night together and came to know each other. Stewart calls Warner a great listener.

It was the couple’s mutual decision to keep their relationship private. They have been hiding from the media and photographers, avoiding any scandal. In regard, the great bowler also made the lady promise not to reveal their relationship, but almost half a year after his death, she has taken useless courage to break the promise.

She has commented that the world might have lost a cricket legend, but Warne was a confidante and a friend to him. According to Stewart, the only purpose of publicising their relationship is to let the world know about how careful Warne was.

Her statements are:

“I have been devastated over the last few months. The world lost a legend, and I lost a friend and confidante. The unthinkable happened. I was dating Shane, but it wasn’t well-known. He wanted to keep it personal,”

“He arrived on the Gold Coast, and I met him after a cricket game. We hit it off straight away and spent the whole night talking and getting to know each other. I found him extremely interesting, and I loved hearing about his life and what made him tick. We became extremely close, and I made a promise to him that I would keep our story out of the public eye,”

“At the time, I had to be careful of the paparazzi as I had a publication trying to photograph me a lot where I lived. Shane and I would wear hats and sunglasses just to go out, and we became creative on the Gold Coast and later in Melbourne when I visited. Shane was very unimpressed by the media, and he did not want the story to get out, so I had to decline offers and keep everything a secret,”

“This is the first time I’ve spoken publicly about this, and I always abided by his wishes and kept my life private. I couldn’t speak until now, and I just want people to know he was a truly caring humanitarian. He gave back in so many ways through good deeds, and he truly was a legend and someone who his kids can be forever proud of. I was in contact with him before he left [for Thailand], and he was a good listener. He made you feel like you mattered. He would tell me he felt so comfortable with me as if he had known me forever,”

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