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Shoaib Akhtar slams BCCI for mulling IPL 2021 despite COVID surge in India

Shoaib Akhtar slams BCCI for mulling IPL 2021 despite COVID surge in India

Shoaib Akhtar slams BCCI for mulling IPL 2021 despite COVID surge in India

The former Pakistani bowler, Shoaib Akhtar had advised India as a neighbour to call off the Indian Premier League (IPL 2021) in the surge of the COVID rising in the country. However, BCCI, that was in no mood of giving up, suddenly came up with a shocking news as IPL got discarded indefinitely on Tuesday morning.

Calling off was neevr sepculated, however, it makes sense as India crosses over a million COVID cases and thousands of deaths in last month. Shoaib says that he had advised India emotionally being a neighbour.

If they don’t make money for a year, what will happen? asks Shoaib Akhtar on BCCI mulling over IPL 2021 despite COVID-19 in India

“When I said a couple of weeks ago that the IPL should be stopped this year, there were emotions behind it. And it was that there is a national catastrophe that is taking place in India. People are dying. And I made the appeal because there were 4 lakh cases being reported a day. During such times, IPL cannot take place, the pomp and show cannot take place,”

Shoaib considers that IPL is already making huge amount of revenue since 2008 hence, skipping a month won’t make a big difference. Considering the current health situation in India, the former Pakistani bowler utters that people are dying questioning that if BCCI still wants to make cash?

“I didn’t have a problem with people not making money. People have been making money since 2008. If they don’t make money for a year, what trouble will they get into? People are dying and you cannot have pomp and show. It’s a national disaster. So as a neighbor, I was requesting that the IPL should be stopped.”

He added that IPL 2021 should never have proceeded as people already were dying in India. Using an example of the PSL 2021, Shoaib added that the PCB, however, maintained a bio-bubble but it was breached somehow.

He believes Pakistan and India were never safe and are not until the pandemic is over. Advising both communities, he says that the T20 leagues might already have been organized in the countries like UAE or England initially.

Proving his point, he says that as the T20 leagues hold the players from across the globe, it is critical to commence with an unbreachable bio-bubble. Further elaborating, he says that the international cricket is something different.

“IPL was never viable. We made a bio-secure bubble in the PSL and it completely flopped. India tried and the same happened there. In UAE and England, we would have had it. Over here, even people working in hotels are not safe. They don’t remain in the bio-secure bubble. International cricket can take place in a bubble, but not franchise cricket because the entire world comes. The IPL is not a small event,”

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