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Should Hasan Ali have argued with Younis Khan?

Should Hasan Ali have argued with Younis Khan?

Should Hasan Ali have argued with Younis Khan?

The stories from the past are now a matter of debate in the cricketing fraternity after Younis Khan has stepped down as a batting coach of the Pakistan Cricket Team. Not one but different folks have been learned reportedly as per distinctive publishes. Now, Younis vs Hasan Ali is the frenzy topic on the internet.

According to some reliable sources, Younis guided the players about disciplinary issues during the latest South Africa’s tour and the act was not adored by Hasan, the pacer. The bowler opined that it does not prevail in the coach’s domain to supervise a player over discipline.

Should Hasan Ali have argued with Younis Khan?

Younis, who started his career over a decade ago, is bashed by today’s player wanting more achievements comparatively. This truly is disrespect towards a veteran who has been serving Pakistan cricket for so long as a player, captain, and coach.

Notably, the refrained coach revealed that there were numerous things that forced him to quit his profession. Talking to ARY sports with one of the anchors, he revealed that he won’t complain instantly but reveal necessary things after two to three months. According to him, the board does not need him anymore hence, he can’t force his services there.

The batting legend was appointed as the mentor for Pakistan Cricket Team in November 2020 and the contract had to last till the T20 World Cup 2022.Reportedly, Younis did not find it tolerable to have Mohammad Yousuf as the batting coach as the NHPC despite him being the real mentor. Some sources pen out that Younis has a zero-tolerance policy and could not bear involvement in his respective roles.

Many reveal that the batting coach was not happy with the selected choice ahead of the England and West Indies squads composing of the underperforming players. However, here is the video regarding the Younis-Hasan issue.

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