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Sikandar Bakht supports players campaigns on social media

Sikandar Bakht supports players campaigns on social media

Former Test cricketer, Sikandar Bakht, has advocated for a positive approach to social media campaigns that can uplift players’ morale and ultimately improve their performance. In an interview with a local media news channel, Bakht stressed the importance of supporting players rather than running negative social media trends that can have a detrimental impact on them.

According to Bakht, “It is all happening in ‘Naya Pakistan’. These are the agents of players who are behind these negative social media campaigns. This is all happening just like it happens in politics. But, this is cricket and the team is of Pakistan. Pakistan team is not anyone’s property.”

Bakht further suggested that instead of focusing on criticism, players and their agents should work on their flaws and enhance their skills to become better players. He also cited examples of great players who left captaincy as they were unable to perform for their team.

“Babar Azam is a world-class batter but there are faults in your captaincy. In India, players like Tendulkar and Kohli left captaincy because they couldn’t do well,” he said.

Bakht emphasized the need for players to work on their weaknesses rather than getting discouraged by negative social media trends. He urged players to take inspiration from the successes of other players who have overcome similar challenges.

“Running negative social media trends will hurt players. Instead of that, work on your flaws, enhance your skills, and come back stronger. There are many examples of players who have faced similar challenges and have emerged victorious. Take inspiration from them,” he concluded.

Bakht’s comments highlight the impact that social media can have on the performance and morale of players. Negative social media campaigns can create a toxic environment that can harm the team’s overall performance. By promoting positivity and constructive criticism, players can be supported in their efforts to improve their skills and contribute to the team’s success.

It is crucial to support players and focus on their strengths rather than running negative social media campaigns. By doing so, players can be motivated to work on their weaknesses and emerge as stronger performers, ultimately contributing to the success of the team. As Bakht suggests, “Pakistan team is not anyone’s property.” Therefore, it is the responsibility of all cricket fans and supporters to promote positivity and support players in their efforts to achieve success.

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